• Houston Pool Party Decorations

      Don’t Drink and Dive

      During most summer barbecues, guests and pool owners alike love to escape the heat by jumping in the swimming pool and playing pool games. When adults are invited to a barbecue pool party, alcohol is commonly offered as a refreshment. Most adults are responsible…

    • Houston Facts or Fiction

      The 30-Minute Rule: Fact or Fiction?

      Do you remember that pool party as a kid when, after eating just one piece of cake, your mom didn’t allow you to get back in the pool for 30 minutes because you needed to digest first? Most of us have that exact memory…

    • Houston Best Swimming Pool Services

      Safe and Sound Duck Removal

      Safe and Sound Duck Removal Upon entering your pool oasis you notice a few uninvited tenants enjoying a morning swim. With their quacking and feather shedding habits, you aren’t too thrilled with their boldness. Kids might think these ducklings are precious, but you can’t…

    • Houston Creative Pool Designs

      Spit out that gum and be Water Aware

      Did you know you shouldn’t chew gum in the pool? Chewing gum while swimming can be a choking hazard. This helpful is provided by the Be Water Aware campaign. You can be water aware by reviewing more water safety tips here.   _________________________________________________ http://www.waterparks.com/BeWaterAware.asp

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      Germs – Be – Gone!

      Germs are a very unfortunate part of life; however, there are ways we can keep ourselves away from unnecessary germ spreading. Germs love moisture, especially little puddles or pools of water lurking about your home or neighborhood gym. This means they probably would love…

    • Houston Sunglasses

      Sport some shades!

      If there’s one thing all beach bums and pool peeps should know, it’s that you should always wear your sunglasses. The sun can tear up your eyes, leaving them aged, ravaged and red. Everyone is at risk for eye-damage from the sun year round….

    • Houston winter Platinum pools

      Pool Safety In the Winter

      Water safety shouldn’t fall off the radar when summer ends. Swimming pools, hot tubs and other bodies of water can still pose a risk for drowning, even after they have been “closed.” Keep your family and pets safe by taking precautions. Just like in…