Eco-Friendly Products

What if technology behind your pool products would provide a worry free, low maintenance and crystal clear water that is just the right temperature?  All this can be achieved while saving energy and ultimately lowering your cost. Platinum’s Solution line of Eco-Friendly Products is without a doubt the technology for the job. Platinum’s Solution will save energy, water, run quietly, reduce chemical cost and reduce total operation costs by almost 70% compared to other builders.

If you would like an estimate, Contact Us Online or call the office closest to you.  We have three locations; Houston, Beaumont and Victoria.  You will find the phone numbers listed at the top of the website.

Platinum Solutions

Platinum Solution Savings
Pump Savings Up to 75%
Automatic Pool Cleaner Savings Up to 90%
Filter Savings Up to 80% saving in water
Heating Savings Up to 18%
Lumination Savings Up to 70%
Chlorination Up to 50% savings over salt
Oxidation Savings Up to 65%
Biostat Savings Up to 70%