Pool Caves And Waterfall Slides

A rock waterfall slide is a large 10 ton rock waterfall made of real moss rock boulders with a gunite slide incorporated in the design. This waterfall is extremely unique in that the wall of the pool is recessed back.  This gives the pool owner their own private hideaway/cave. Inside the cave can be a bench where you can sit and enjoy the sound of the water falling off the rocks. You can also add a light to the inside of the cave for night ambiance. You can even choose LED color logic which changes the color of the pool.  A Staff Designer is ready to educate you on the building process and all pool features.

If you would like an estimate for this unique cave and waterfall feature, Contact Us Online or call one of our local offices.  We have three locations; Houston, Beaumont and Victoria.  You will find the phone numbers listed at the top of the website.