Swimming Pool Financing

Pools, spas and water features are not only beautiful and fun, but will add value to your home.

pool gamesPlatinum Pools is ready to help guide you with financing so you may see your dream backyard staycation come to life.  We have found that most families finance up to 20 years.  With this length of the loan, your payment will be low.

The key to successfully financing your swimming pool is to find a lender who has knowledge about the swimming pool industry.  It is important to us to help make your pool building process a smooth one.  Part of this is helping you with a bank that is familiar with swimming pool loans.

You can now apply ONLINE with Paramount Pool Financing.

Click here to fill out an application today!

100% financing available (within loan to value)

Low fixed rates Up to 20 years on terms

Refinance programs available

No pre-payment penalties

Low Closing cost

Approvals normally within 48 hours

Financing a pool is just like financing a house or a car. Feel free to give us a call and let us help you through the process of financing your swimming pool.


Pricing helps consumers get a basic idea of what cost are. Every home has different elevations, electric, gas, and pool equipment locations. All of these variables are only a few options that can make a change in price. Material size etc…..

Please call a designer to get an accurate quote for your area. Prices are based off of Houston and surrounding areas.  Platinum Pools works hard to help consumers make an educated decision.