Ask the Expert: Stop Damage from Salt Water

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In this Ask the Expert, we learn how to protect the rock in our pool from saltwater damage.

Pool Salt Alternative


Hi Scott.

A couple weeks ago, I heard the tail end of a call, in which I think you were talking about an alternative to pool salt for a saltwater pool.  Is there something that can be used that is less damaging to the rock surfaces on my pool?


Backyard Bay listener


You have to remove the salt system completely to stop the damage it’s causing to stone in your pool. Then, purchase something called PoolProof from Texsun Pools. It will cost about $200 for the first dose and then about $40 the next year.

This product will give you the same feel the water had with a salt cholrine generator, but without the problems. It is also an algaecide. You must also put on an in-line chlorinator to get the chlorine into the pool.

– Scott Waldo, Platinum Pools president


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