Custom Pool Grottoes

More About Water Features – The Grotto

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Did you know that one of the most popular features of a swimming pool is a grotto? It is a perfect addition that brings added beauty and privacy. Pool designers can create grottos appealing to the eye, providing an excellent channel for water to pour, all while meeting specifics from a client’s preference and circumstance. What is a Grotto? A grotto …

Pebble Tec Pool Finishes

Pebble Surfaces are Better for Your Swimming Pool

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Pebble surfaces are the rage when it comes to custom-built swimming pools. If you are looking to have an oasis in your backyard, and you are considering low maintenance, then pebble finishing your pool is what you need. But first, why Pebble Surfaces and not plaster surfaces? Pebble finishing is more expensive than plaster, but it has a much longer …

Pool with Fire Pots and Tanning Deck

The Importance of Having Fire Pits

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Savvy homeowners are gearing more into outdoor living.  Outdoor kitchens, flower beds, and swimming pools with spas took over the once popular wooden decks and grills.  But it is the fire pit that is in high demand- illuminating evening sky across the country.  Note that it is essential to select the right fire pit based on available space, budget and, …

swim up pool bar

The Swim-Up Bar – Who’s Idea Was It?

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The first time I ever saw a swim-up bar was at my best friend’s home.  The year was 1977; my friend and I were about to graduate high school, and I would spend weekends at her home.  There is no denying that her swimming pool beat every other in a residential area.  It was the most expensive neighborhood, and her …

custom fire features and pool lighting

Change the Color of Your Lights and Change the Ambiance in Your Pool

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Let’s face it.  We are creatures of change.  Our homes have to be up to date with the latest trends in decoration.  But when it comes to changing lights in your swimming pool, is another dilemma.  The process of changing them is not easy but not impossible. The most significant changes can go from traditional pool lighting to LED.  LED …

Pool Water and Fire Features

What Pool Features Should I Add To My New Pool?

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Looking to build a pool? Can’t decide what to add to your pool? Well the possibilities are endless. But here are few of our favorite pool features for you to consider! But before you decide to consider adding any pool features, make sure you have a concept, theme, or idea in mind. There’s almost nothing worse than a tacky pool …

build a custom spa

Should I Build a Spa? Does a Spa Add Value To My Home?

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A spa has always been considered as a luxury. People build a spa or a hot tub to make their houses look expensive and obviously to enjoy the benefits of a spa. Though spas come with a heavy price tag, they also come with a lot of added bonuses. Like most of expensive things, building a spa can also be …

custom fire features and pool lighting

Why Add Fire Features To Your Pool?

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The world of pool building and backyard design continues to constantly change. As a result, we are witnessing exciting new and crazy designs all the time. Adding extravagant pool features are all the rage. From waterfalls, slides, and tanning shelves– the sky is the limit. However, if you’re looking to add a very elegant flare, we recommend fire features as …

swimming pool finishes

Swimming Pool Finishes & Surfaces

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While building a pool, there are a lot of things that should be considered: The size, dimensions, motors and chemicals. All such technical matters are better left to the architect while you just wait for the time when you’ll be floating around. However, one thing that you should be interested is in selecting the surface of the pool. This part …

hydrotherapy spas and pools

Hydrotherapy At Home

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Hydrotherapy can help and treat various health issues. This whole-body treatment mainly involves the movements of water and water pressure. Hydrotherapy is a type of physiotherapy that can be performed in your own pool or spa. Adding hydrotherapy to your pool or spa can provide you with many convenient, at-home, health benefits. So, if you want to save your time …

backyard splash pads

Residential Splash Pads For Your Backyard

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Splash Pads, also known as spray pools, are a source of water activities mainly for children. Splash pads have nozzles and pipes of water and involve little or absolutely no standing water. The reduced risk of drowning makes splash pads safer for young children, unlike any swimming pool. For people who are not comfortable with going in a typical swimming …