Don’t Drink and Dive

Swimming Pool Expert Water Safety

During most summer barbecues, guests and pool owners alike love to escape the heat by jumping in the swimming pool and playing pool games. When adults are invited to a barbecue pool party, alcohol is commonly offered as a refreshment. Most adults are responsible enough to know not to drink and drive home, but very few know that drinking and swimming can be just as dangerous. In fact, the second leading cause of accidental death in 14 to 55-year-olds is drowning—and alcohol is often involved.

Experts say not to take matters lightly. If you’re going to drink, swim first and then enjoy your dinner and drinks. Or, just like with driving, allow your body time to digest the alcohol before getting in the pool.

Remember that drinking:

•    Impairs your vision and depth perception.
•    Makes you move more slowly.
•    Makes it harder for you to stay warm in the water.

Be responsible at poolside barbecues and everyone will have fun this summer.