Pool Germs

Germs – Be – Gone!

Swimming Pool Expert Water Safety

Germs are a very unfortunate part of life; however, there are ways we can keep ourselves away from unnecessary germ spreading. Germs love moisture, especially little puddles or pools of water lurking about your home or neighborhood gym. This means they probably would love to over take your chlorine in the pool and become the pirates of your backyard sea (your pool).

There are ways to stop this madness, it requires you to lay down the law so get ready to stop the rule breakers from possibly creating an infectious zone. Follow these Three Steps for Swimmers the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has highlighted.

Three Steps for Swimmers

• Don’t allow anyone with a cut, open sore, or partially healed wound to swim in the pool.
There open cut will spread germs fast, and they can contract all sorts of germs through their wound. Even a waterproof bandage won’t make them a safe swimmer.

• Never swim if you have diarrhea. This one may be embarrassing to tell your guests. So send your pool party invite via email and insert a link from the CDC reminding them how not to spread germs.

• Try your best to not swallow pool water. You really don’t know what’s in it; besides a healthy dose of chlorine which does not belong in your digestive system.

For more ways to keep you, your family, and the backyard pool healthy check out the CDC’s swimmer section here.


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