Getting Rid Of Mosquitoes in Houston

Getting Rid of Mosquitoes

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Every year, no matter how hard you seem to try thousands of uninvited guests show up at you pool.  Not only are they pesky, but they leave you with bright, red, itchy bumps all over your body. This year, take a stand against mosquitoes. A few simple measures can make a world of difference.

Backyard Mosquito Prevention


While you can’t control them completely, first things first, do what you can to prevent them from hatching near your home. As you may or may not know, mosquitoes breed in standing water. By removing standing water you could potentially be reducing the chances of your family members getting bitten by thousands.


•    Cleaning out gutters.
•    Remove any excess water in your flower pots or water catchers.
•    Consider dumping out bird baths twice daily.
•    Look for any other areas where water could catch. Be aware of tarps, trash bags, cans, cups, or even low lying areas and corners.
•    Cover rain barrels with a screen so they can’t get in and out.
•    Keep your pool clean and make sure water is clean and has enough chlorine.


Although they are sometimes annoying, bug zappers are often very effective in attracting pests away from you pool and then killing them. Also traps like “Mosquito Deleto” and “Mosquito Magnet” use carbon dioxide to attract mosquitoes and kill them. Generally, however, the electric traps are considered more effective.


Your last line of defense is the repellent. Using the items below will allow you to best fight off these pesky biters.
•    Citronella comes in both spray and candles and is a natural way to prevent mosquitoes from attacking. The scent is considered the repelling agent, but the smoke from the candles also repels them.
•    DEET was at one time thought to be unsafe to use, but the Environmental Protection Agency has once again deemed it safe for use. Usually applied in a lotion or spray, DEET can be found in most popular bug repellents like OFF! Always use as directed.
•    Finally, ultrasonic repellent is an effective solution. These devices emit a high frequency that harms mosquitoes causing them to flee the area.