Go Long with Geyser Pool Football

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There’s pool basketball and pool volleyball but let’s not forget about football. Sports and the swimming pool combined have always provided some great, inclusive fun and the great thing about football is that you only need a football. To maximize your fun and make your next game of catch in the pool a splash, try out the “Geyser Pool Football.”

Geyser Pool Football

A football designed specifically with pool owners in mind, and is sure to be a hit. Holes in the side collect pool water when dunked, and the Geyser sprays water in a ten foot diameter when thrown. The polyurethane ball is designed to float and if you don’t want to get wet, it flies great without water too!

Why purchase any old football to throw around? Use a ball that’s completely designed for the pool and for fun! Get the Geyser football to make an ordinary activity even more including and fun!