Hosting a Football Themed Pool Party

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Summer is winding down, but the hot weather means there is still plenty of time for pool parties. And with football season just getting started, it is the perfect time of the year for a football-themed party!

To get your party planning started, here are a few options to consider.

Choose the Party Day

The first decision is whether you plan to host your party on a specific day and plan it around watching a game or whether you just want to enjoy the theme. Do consider the logistics of showing the game outside versus having wet swimming trunks on your furniture if you choose to move it inside.

If you want to combine swimming and watching the game (and you are handy) consider building your own projector screen. Perfect for watching games outside, and for outdoor movies on cool fall nights.

Plan Football-Themed Party Decorations

There are so many options for party decorations, but the first decision you need to make is if you have the time (or desire!) to get crafty, or if you would rather purchase ready-made decorations.

For an easy-to-plan party, consider buying readymade decorations at Party City or a big box store. For the best of both worlds, you can buy handcrafted decorations on Etsy. No one said you had to do the work to get crafty!

If you are down to DIY, here are a few cute projects.

Football Cups

This blog shows you how to make football mason jars, which are indeed super cute. But, since broken glass around the pool isn’t, we would suggest using the same idea on plastic cups. All you need are clear or brown plastic cups and white tape. Super simple.

football cups and name tags for football themed pool party

Image Source: Flamingo Toes Blog

Yard Line Pennant Garland

This garland is made with AstroTurf, which will make it water-friendly. This tutorial from Chica and Jo requires fake grass, white duct tape, an X-acto knife, and a steady hand. She used a Cricut to cut out the letters  but if you, like us, are not that fancy, we suggest heading over to Amazon and picking up some vinyl numbers.

Yard Line Pennant Garland

Image Source: Chica and Jo

Watermelon Football Helmet

This one is half decoration and half food, but I put it with the decorations because there are so many food options. This looks super complicated to make, but it is actually created in two parts, which makes it much easier to make than you would think. Plus, if you mess it up you still have a watermelon to serve!

watermelon football helmet

Image Source:

If you haven’t already, hit up Pinterest for a ton of football-themed party decorations.

Football-Themed Party Food

It just wouldn’t be party without food! With a pool party, you can go a few different directions. Just like with decorations, you can choose to super complicated or super simple – the choice is all yours.

For super simple food options, consider ordering pizza or grilling hamburgers and hotdogs. Or, flex your DIY muscles with these ideas.

Pigskins in a Blanket

This is a football twist on a classic recipe. Use crescent rolls and smoked sausages to create pigs in a blanket, then use cheese or mustard to draw on the laces of a football. Super simple, tasty, and cute!

Get the full recipe here.

Double Chocolate Kickers

This is a tastier version of the classic Rice Crispy Treats. To create these awesome footballs all you need is butter, marshmallows, peanut butter, chocolate puffed rice cereal, chocolate chips, and white icing.

football rice crispy treats

Image source:

Get the recipe here.

Hot Artichoke & Roasted Garlic Dip

Dips are the perfect addition to any party, but they should have a special place at the table for football parties! There is just something about the warm, melty goodness of a dip that screams football season.

There are your basic cheese dips, but this artichoke dip offers something a little bit different, especially if you are looking to class up your party a bit.

This dip combines artichokes (duh!), oven roasted garlic, cream cheese, green onions, panko, parmesan, and a bunch of spices to create something truly amazing. The recipe also includes directions for making flatbread chips. Amazing.

Football Party Games

You’ve got the pool to keep guests entertained but adding a few games into the mix is a sure way to make sure everyone has a great time. Here is a list of pool area friendly games for your next pool party.

Corn Hole

Corn hole is a classic party game similar to bean bag toss. And while creating your own boards might be a big project, this is a sturdy game you can keep around forever. Since you can paint the boards whatever color you like, you could even create a set to support your favorite football team – or paint one board for each half of a rivalry!

Get started creating your own corn hole game here.

Football Bingo

The best part of this game is it won’t take all of your attention – and it doesn’t require anyone calling out the marks. Just print these bingo cards out and watch the game. As the game goes on, mark off events as they happen. First one to call bingo gets dishes duty!

Greased Watermelon Football

This is a short-lived game but tons of fun. Oil up a watermelon with baby oil or Vaseline, then toss it in the pool. First person to emerge from the pool holding the watermelon is the victor!

This game is best played with kids 15 and up so smaller kids don’t get trampled.

For more pool games, check out this post from earlier in the summer.