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Organize an Ice Cream Pool Party

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Anytime in the summertime is perfect to enjoy sweet and refreshing ice cream.  We don’t know about you, but we always find an excuse to have it!  So, why not have ice cream at a pool party?  In fact, why not organize an ice cream pool party?

Ice Cream by the Pool

An ice cream pool party is effortless to put together, especially with children.  Not only will they have a great time decorating the backyard, but they will also look forward to enjoying their favorite flavors of ice cream.  To organize an ice cream pool party, you will need:

  • A table high enough for children to reach the ice cream, but not too low forcing adults to bend over.
  • Bowls, cones, and spoons, comfortable enough to fit in tiny hands that are easy to use, and not dangerous.
  • Bowls to place the toppings.
  • A metal container with ice to place the ice cream and the whipped cream. A fun and full-color option is to freeze water balloons.
  • A glass container with a lid to cover.

Now that you have all you need to feed your guests let’s get ready to set up and organize the best ice cream party of the summer.

Decorations Come First

Ice Cream Pool Party

Give a special touch to your ice cream pool party.  We love activities, as well as arts and crafts.  Get your family involved and see how much fun you can have decorating the whole oasis.

We already suggested taking balloons, filling them with water and putting them in the freezer.  You can also find available printable images of ice cream cones or popsicles right from the internet.  Select any color and graphic, print them and then cut them out.  This way the decorations will be unique, although this will not be the only advantage. If children are actively involved in both the assembly and the development of the party, they will enjoy the party even more.

Next, Toppings and Cones

Different Flavors of Ice CreamWhat makes the ice cream pool party interesting are the toppings; from mini cookies, jellybeans, chocolate chips, fruit, cherries and whipped cream…all ready to fuse with the ice cream flavor of choice.  Keep toppings in separate bowls with their own serving spoons. It’s also important to keep any type of cones in a glass container with a lid to keep them fresh and not lose their crunchiness.

Last, but not least, decorate the ice cream table with the paper cut out images or use an ice cream themed tablecloth.

And Now the Swimming Pool

ice cream pool floatsWith the new wave of shaped pool floats, it makes it easier to decorate your oasis.  Ice cream cones, ice cream sandwiches, and popsicles are some of the most popular pool floats today.  These types of pool floats are now more accessible to get online or at your local pool accessory store.  These will go very well with the ice cream theme.  Don’t be surprised if any games come out due to having these fun ice cream pool floats.

We are sure that your ice cream pool party will be a great success.  Have a sweet summer!

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