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Did you Know That Platinum Pools is on Houzz?

Houzz is a website that brings together architects, interior designers, landscapers and, of course, pool designers, creating an online community. It is now a significant site that brings pool owners and pool professionals in a visual gathering. Platinum Pools is proud to be part of this elite page.

Platinum Pools Houzz PageWhy Visit Platinum Pools Profile?

  • Find gorgeous pool design photos
  • Go through directory of pool designers and construction professionals.
  • Associate with people who have similar interests as you- the search for their dream pool design.
  • A place to purchase goods for your pool and home.
Get inspired by our photos, and collaborate with us. When you join and follow our Platinum Pools profile, you can place reviews and start creating your own collection of your favorite pool designs. We can help inspire you to create the outdoor family room and swimming pool of your dreams.
Our clients browse photos on our profile and bookmark any swimming pool design they like. These collections are known as “Ideabooks,” and each user can open as many as they wish. Subscribers also can click on any snapshot to discover more about products, ask questions, purchase, and locate a distributor for more information.
From a professional point of view, the Houzz outlet supplies the ability to share pool jobs and projects with present and future clients, helping to give your clients visuals to simplify the pool designing process. When you open your profile, homeowners and professionals can easily find you and contact you for additional information.

Swimming Pool Houzz AccountIf you are a Professional, This is What you Need to Know About Houzz:

  • Homeowners visit Houzz to get ideas for all home and pool design projects.
  • Houzz receives approximately 35 million visitors, with 90% of all visitors being Homeowners.
  • A Houzz profile places you in the ‘Find A Pro Directory’ under Pool & Spa within a 50-mile radius, making it easier for homeowners to find you.
  • Uploaded photos get exposure through the Houzz Photo Directory.
  • It’s free to join by creating a profile that will help to maximize your local exposure.
  • A Houzz representative will contact you to help you access the benefits available on the website. This includes how to best maintain and optimize your profile.
Are you looking to revamp your backyard? Are you looking to find the perfect outdoor family room? Join Houzz, and don’t forget to follow our profile. It’s very simple, and can help you in designing the pool of your dreams.