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A Mother’s Day Pool Party

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Every year most moms want to go out and celebrate at a restaurant on Mother’s Day.  That’s OK.  But, in some cases, you may have the in-laws plus the kids, more in-laws, the cousins, and nephews…  The result?  Probably a $1,500.00 bill for a table of 20.  Don’t get us wrong, going out to a restaurant to celebrate mom is nice; but the fact is, you have a beautiful oasis right at your home.  So, why not have a Mother’s Day party in your backyard?

Food, Glorious Food!

No party is successful without food.  But, you don’t want mom slaving away in the kitchen on her day, do you?

Here are three food options for your Mother’s Day Pool Party that will let mom relax on her special day:

Potluck Lunch

Mother's Day Potluck Party

Potlucks are one of the classic ways to celebrate, and they still work well today.  When you have your guests come to a potluck party, they will bring their best dish for everyone at the party to enjoy.  You can also choose a theme for the potluck like a “Caribbean Mother’s Day” or a “Mother’s Day Aqua Party”.  This will help you create a list of dishes that you can distribute amongst your guests to bring to the party.

Hire a Caterer

Believe it or not, a caterer will be less expensive than having that family and extended family dinner at the restaurant (no offense).  There are many caterers out there ready to provide you an extensive menu of dishes that you can choose from, including beverages, desserts and sometimes even waiters.  Hiring a caterer is something you should really check out!

Barbecue Time!

mother's day pool party

If your guests love barbecue, then check out caterers that specialize in outdoor cooking.  In most cases, it’s a great way to go.  In case you have your own outdoor kitchen, you can also hire a caterer to do the barbecuing from your outdoor kitchen for you.

Get the Decorations Ready

Pastel-colored tablecloths and flowers make a statement and makes a great combination with the colors of your swimming pool.  You can have your kids help you with blowing up and setting out balloons to float on the pool.

Since you will have the relatives over at your house, prepare a basket with bottled water and towels in case someone wants to go into the pool for a swim.

Party favors are also a staple for any party.  For this special occasion, a crown for honored guests go well.  Just go to your local party favor store and buy a few for the honored Mom and her female guests. 

Safety First

Pool Safety

Remember that Mom is the Queen, and there should be no cooking nor serving from her whatsoever.  But, this time it’s a pool party.  Everyone, from great-grandparents to the youngest, will want to take a dip in the oasis.  Keep in mind that SAFETY COMES FIRST.  Organize some of your family members to take turns as a “lifeguard”.

Keep in mind that Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate and thank the mothers in your life for all the things they do.

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From all of us at Platinum Pools, Happy Mother’s Day!