The Most Odd Shaped Swimming Pools

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Most in-ground swimming pools are built in simple geometrical shapes like oval, rectangular, figure 8 or even circular.  And then you have eccentric people who look to have an unusual shaped pool.  In many cases, you have to see it birds-eyes view to appreciate the work of art.  Here are 5 of the most popular odd pool photos you will find on the net:

Kitty Cat Pool

This Kitty Cat pool, photographed by Slim Aarons, was an attraction at the Fountainbleu Hotel in Miami, Florida.  The feline-shaped pool got its origins from the famous art deco kit-kat clock. The hotel would have such famous guests like Jackie Gleason and Ed Sullivan.

Violin Pool

This violin shaped swimming pool came from the idea of violin aficionado and former finance whiz Jay Dweck.  He already collects rare violins including Guarneri and Stradivarius, but it wasn’t enough.

Dwek decided to have a swimming pool at his estate in New Jersey.  Not any regular pool, but one in the shape of a violin.  A few months and a million dollars later, got the Bedford’s Stradivarius of pools. It uses over half a million glass tiles and technical marvels.  Chris Cipriano from Cipriano Landscape Designs replicated the details, including fiber optic violin strings, which he lights with music.  Dweck holds an engineering degree from MIT.  He is also an amateur violinist who plays with the St. Thomas Orchestra in Mamaroneck.

Cowboy Boot Pool

The Cowboy Boot Pool is not in Houston, but in North Dakota.  In 2010, an Ebay seller placed a post card that he intended to send to his parents, letting them know he was working at the motel Westward Ho in Grand Forks.  Eventually, the seller cancelled the auction, but a pool company in Houston used it for their promotional campaign.

Texas Shaped Pool

When famous Texan Herbert Hunt urbanized Plano, he envisioned a giant pool as big as the state of Texas. It opened to the general public in 1961 and the Miss Plano Pageant was held at the Texas Pool that summer. At 2016 it celebrated its 55th anniversary, and on its way to become a National Landmark.

Buffalo Shaped Pool

This buffalo-shaped swimming pool is at Buffalo Bill’s Hotel and Casino in Primm, Nevada.  The resort opened in 1994 to attract more Latino audience and serving Tex-Mex food and entertainment.