Pirate Themed Pool Party

Swimming Pool Expert Party Planning

Ahoy Mateys! Are ye looking to host the best birthday pool party this side of the Seven Seas? Well then get ready to hop aboard! Here’s what ye will be needin’:


•    Let guests, children or adults, know that this is a pirate themed party through the invitations!
•    Consider using pirate jargon by including phrases like “RSVP by July 6th or prepare to walk the plank!”
•    Let guests know if they need to dress up if you want them to.


•    Really anything you’d find on a deserted island or a pirate ship would be great!
•    Have black bandanas ready for your guests to wear and maybe even an eye patch or two.
•    Plastic birds like flamingos and parrots will help add a tropical touch as well as items like treasure chests, fake gold coins, and blow-up palm trees.


•    The pool is the perfect setting for a pirate theme so have fun with the games!
•    Set up an underwater treasure hunt with sinking pool toys.
•    Hold a contest for best pirate costume or best pirate accent.
•    Encourage the kids to play Marco “argh” Polo or adapt other fun pool games to the theme.
•    Have kids “walk the plank” and hold a contest to see who can do it the best. Remember to check out diving safety and other pool safety tips first.


•    Of course for a birthday party a pirate themed cake is a must.
•    Consider passing out gold wrapped chocolate coins, but beware of the hot sun melting it quickly!
•    Have plenty of drinks and bottles water on hand.
•    For kids, simple and easy is the key. Hamburgers and hot dogs work great.
•    For adults, consider having a more tropical menu and include things like marinated grilled chicken and mango rice.