Lime Coat Decking

Remodeling Your Pool Deck? Consider Lime Coat Surfacing

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Lime Coat surfacing is the latest in restoring driveways and walkways. It’s an ideal alternative to create the look of stone.   It is one of the most durable coatings in the industry and designed to last a long time. It has beautiful textures and colors; it is slip-resistant, and cooler to the touch than bare concrete or pea gravel.  There is no tear-out necessary to transform a backyard into a home resort.

Although there are new coating and overlay options, the quality does not compare to Lime Coat surfacing.  Each installation requires troweling, carving, coloring, and grouting to bring the look and feel of real stone.  An application goes from 1/4″ to 3/8″ thick to avoid any elevation, since Lime Coat can go on any surface.  A homeowner must request professionals trained for surfacing.

What is Lime Coat Resurfacing?

Lime Coat resurfacing is a treatment using a blend of limestone, crushed quartz, cement, and polymers.  It gives the appearance of real stone, and it can enhance brick, concrete, walls, and other surfaces.

What is the Installation Process?

  • Treating the Cracks – Cut open any existing cracks that can work as a pattern or treated to be covered by the lime coat overlay.
  • Abrading – It’s vital to do a mechanical abrading when needed to ensure a proper bond. Using a 4200-psi pressure washer will clean the surface thoroughly. Once cleaned, the surface is ready to receive a layer of lime coat.
  • Apply the Lime Coat – Apply a layer onto the surface to create a bond. Once it’s ready, the coat is troweled and carved to the desired pattern.
  • Coloring – The process of coloring the stones happens when the layer is dry. The process requires a natural mineral Texture Coat Color and Grout Sealer to give the natural stone effect.
  • The Finishing Touch – Apply oxide pigment, followed by the first layer of solvent-based acrylic sealer. Apply the grout and give a final coat of the sealer.


  • It is excellent for patio resurfacing needs.
  • It enhances and improves a backyard with a beautiful natural stone appearance.
  • A non-skid surface, and it is cooler to the touch.
  • It gives a safety measure for your friends and family.
  • Lime Coating goes to any existing surface
  • It lasts longer than concrete.
  • It is resistant to weather elements.

A swimming pool is the best feature of a home.  After years of use, the pool deck may get cracks, stains, or damages from weather conditions.  Lime Coat can transform your backyard into a beautiful outdoor area. Remember, each Lime Coat project is different; it beautifies an oasis, adds curb appeal, and adds value to a property.

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