Swimming Pool Renovation Ideas

Renovating Your Swimming Pool – Repairs and Re-Beautify

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Any property, whether a house or a swimming pool, will need a renovation to update equipment and aesthetic appeal, helping to increase the value of the property.  A swimming pool, like your house, also deserves an update whether it is the coping, tile, pool decking, or a complete overhaul.

A swimming pool ages over time, and the moment will come where it needs a renovation.  It is a delicate and careful procedure that requires a professional.  Platinum Pools is ready to help by giving you the best remodel recommendation your pool deserves using the right method to make your pool new again.

Swimming Pool Renovation Options

Common Swimming Pool Renovation Reasons:


According to the experts, water leakage can develop via skimmers, pipe valves, return jets, main drains, and lighting fixtures. The best solution is to call on a leak-detection company that can find the source of the leak and repair your oasis.  You don’t want to take any chances, calling a leak-detection company can help you to avoid more significant problems and economic expenses in the future.

Change Skimmers, Pipe Valves, Return Jets, Main Drains, and Lighting Fixtures

These parts are glued and placed into the structure of the pool. To avoid any leakage during the replacement process, have a professional check and switch out any faulty parts.

Tile & Coping Replacement

After a few years, some of the coping can deteriorate due to many factors, causing coping to crack and even injure anyone barefooted. If you see this happening to your swimming pool, get a professional to repair it immediately.  Remember, the coping has many vital functions like keeping water from falling behind the concrete shell and keeping the splashed water out to flow from the pool and into drains nearby.  Did we also say that they are the crown beauty of your pool?

Equipment Replacement

In time, your pump and filter systems may need to be changed. If the pool pump is making a lot of noise, or if there is a leak between the pump housing and the motor part, you need to change the pump immediately.  Although some experts say that installing one is not difficult, we do highly recommend calling a professional pool technician to do it for you.

Other Swimming Pool Renovation Ideas

A renovation is an excellent opportunity to change your pool’s appearance.  Choosing to improve the aesthetics of your backyard will generate a more comfortable environment and encourage everyone in your family to use the swimming pool more often.

Remodel Pool Add Turf

There are many possible remodel options for an in-ground swimming pool:

There are many ways to make your pool much more enjoyable, but it is also important to:

No matter if you are looking to build a new swimming pool, or renovate your existing pool, at Platinum Pools, we have experts that can guide you in the construction or renovation of swimming pools.  Visit any of our offices in Houston, Beaumont or Victoria, or call us at 281.870.1600 to learn more.