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Upon entering your pool oasis you notice a few uninvited tenants enjoying a morning swim. With their quacking and feather shedding habits, you aren’t too thrilled with their boldness. Kids might think these ducklings are precious, but you can’t let them stay in your swimming pool.
Ducklings are too small and unable to hop out of the pool. With nothing to eat, if stuck in your pool they will starve.

Here is how you can safely remove mama ducks and ducklings.

1. Turn off the skimmer feature. Ducklings are small enough to be sucked into the skimmer bucket and drown if they near the intake.

2. Do not frighten the ducklings, they will panic and drown.

3. If your pool does not have a sloping edge, place something the ducks and ducklings can walk on to exit the pool. A pool raft, float or a plywood board will work.

4. Attempt to lure the mother out first. If you scoop out the ducklings first she will most likely leave the area because you have taken her children.

If there are only ducklings in your pool and they don’t readily walk out of the pool, follow these directions:

1. Approach the pool and stand in one place for several minutes. Then scoop the ducklings out with your net and place them in a deep box. Be careful to not touch them with your bare hands and distribute your scent; you want the mother to come back to them.

2. After you have gently placed all the ducklings in the box, take the box away from your backyard (preferably a lake or pond ) and carefully tip the box on its side so the ducks can waddle out.

3. Be sure to close your pool gate.

4. Clean your pool!


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