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Are you lucky enough to live near the beaches in Sea Drift, TX? Are you looking for a pool that looks great with the area you live in? Platinum Pools' Victoria office builds pools in cities on the gulf coast. Being in business since 1998, our knowledgeable staff has the skills and expertise to build your family the pool they've always wanted. At Platinum Pools we build quality pools that stand out from our competitors. Check out one of our completed pools in Sea Drift, TX, as well as what some of our customers have to say about the service they received while having Platinum Pools build them the pool of their dreams.

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Pools We've Built in Sea Drift, TX

Proud of Our Pool

We are so pleased with our Platinum Pool. From the design by Clay Givens to the beautiful finish, it is a dream come true. Paul was such an easy person to go to with our questions and concerns. If we couldn't reach him, Lynsie was quick to respond. We are so proud of our pool and thanks again to the staff at Platinum Pool.

Norm- Sea Drift, TX

Custom Pools in Sea Drift, TX
Sea Drift Texas Pool Builder

Recommended Custom Pool Builder

Platinum Pools is a good pool company to work with. Our pool turned out great and we enjoy it. They were very professional and very helpful with any issues/problems we had along the way. They have a very knowledgeable and friendly staff that is happy to help you with anything. I would recommend them if you are serious at getting a pool.

Kaleb- Sea Drift, TX