Houston Platinum pool halloween party

Spooky-Chic Halloween Party

Swimming Pool Expert Party Planning

Do away with the usual dark Halloween décor; surprise your Halloween party guests with this bright white idea from Celebrations. com!

This trendy Halloween idea is all is all about an over dose of white. Using white spray paint you can transform former Halloween decorations into a ghastly pale ensemble. This use, or lack of, color will create the eerie feeling of Halloween.

Party Tips
  • For decorations, re-use old Halloween décor by spray painting them white or buy several key pieces at Goodwill and transform them into a frosty white.
  • Place white sheets on your furniture.
  • Find as many white candles to place around your home or pool area, but be careful not to set the place ablaze!
    Dessert table with desserts in white frostings, white chocolate and white and clear candies.
    Clear or white drinks only, such as White Russian or Gin Martini.
  • Gift bags stuffed with white packing straw and white treats. Click here for the Chic White Halloween Party article.
  • “Chic White Halloween Party” article by Yelena Johnson from Celebrations.com