Subskate – Skateboarding in the Pool? Not Quite, but Still Fun!

Swimming Pool Expert Games and Toys

One of the hottest pool toys to hit the market last summer was the “Subskate” which is exactly what it sounds like – a board-looking toy used to “skate” while the person tries to balance on the board. Now that it’s been a full year to evaluate it, let’s see if it’s worth the hype.

Subskate Pool Fun

Though it may look unassuming, the Subskate can provide lots of fun! Both adults and kids can enjoy trying to balance on the snowboard-looking wedge of foam that is surprisingly durable. Though it can’t be shared, you can have a blast by holding “stay on the board the longest” contests or others that you can think up.

While you shouldn’t expect to have any sensation of an actual skateboard, and older kids may find it boring quickly, for the relatively cheap price (est. $25), the Subskate is definitely something to check out if you’re looking for something new to make the summer a little more fun.