buying a new grill

What to Consider When Purchasing a New Grill

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Combing a poolside deck with an outdoor meal in the summer air is the perfect, relaxing combination but like indoor cooking, outdoor cooking requires the right equipment and the most important piece is the grill.  With dozens of different kinds of grills on the market, it is important choose carefully when determining the perfect grill to complement your poolside.  Here are some helpful tips to use when shopping for the perfect grill to complement your poolside deck or patio.

When in doubt – go big!

It’s seems obvious that a bigger grill can also grill more food, but many people have found that they more they grill, they more they want to grill.  Whole chickens and large racks of barbecue ribs can’t fit on the smaller models so remember to invest in the right grill to accommodate your ambitions.

The lid is essential.

Look for a study grill that includes a solid lid. Lids are a requirement for indirect grilling (to make sure heat is coming on the side of the food rather than just below it) and smoking. It also allows air to circulate for even cooking.

Accessories are nice, but not always necessary.

From kabob holders to mats, the lists of accessories goes on and on, but think about what you will realistically use before spending extra money. Extra shelves can be nice but are not always removable and may prevent you from grilling larger pieces of food.

Finally, should you go with a charcoal grill or a gas grill?  There are positives and negatives to both.  Charcoal grills are portable but grilling also requires lengthy preparation and sometimes messy clean up.  They cost less but remember that they also require purchasing both charcoal and lighter fluid which can add up.  Gas grills don’t require maintaining a live fire but what they lack in excitement they make up for in convenience.  Little cleanup and maintenance is required for gas grills, and they also have more space for food.

There are dozens of different models of grills to choose from with prices ranging from basic models at $150 to the $7,500 luxury versions, along with hundreds of accessories.  Once you’ve settled on a price range, remember our tips and have fun finding the perfect grill for your next poolside barbecue!