Swimming Pool Prices

At Platinum Pools, we build swimming pools in the Houston, Beaumont and Victoria areas ranging in price from $35k to $100k+. The cost of a swimming pool can be anything you want it to be.
Whatever the price, our swimming pools are all built with the high quality that has been our hallmark since 1998.
For more information on the various price categories, please browse the links below.

  • Houston pools with pool rock waterfalls $100k and up
  • Houston best custom pool designs $100k and up
  • Houston pools with tile and coping $75k-$100k
  • Houston pools with amazing vanishing pool edges $100k and up
  • Houston best luxury pools $100k and up
  • Houston victoria swimming pool $75k-$100k
  • Houston how to build a rock waterfall $100k and up
  • Houston best pool shapes and designs $50k-$60k
  • Houston latest pool shapes designs $50k-$60k
  • Houston swimming pool slides with decking $45k-$50k
  • Houston pool designer $45k-$50k
  • Houston pools with best artificial rock waterfalls $40k-$45k
  • Houston pools and 3d renderings $75k-$100k
  • Houston stylish pool fountains pools $35k-$40k
  • Houston water features ponds $35k-$40k
  • Houston pools with best pool heat pump $40k-$45k


Pricing helps consumers get a basic idea of what cost are. Every home has different elevations, electric, gas, and pool equipment locations. All of these variables are only a few options that can make a change in price. Material size etc…..

Please call a designer to get an accurate quote for your area. Prices are based off of Houston and surrounding areas.  Platinum Pools works hard to help consumers make an educated decision.