Additional Swimming Pool Features
& Add-Ons

Complete your pool with jaw dropping add ons and features. Create a pool you’ll be proud of.

Fully customize every aspect of your pool, and create something that will make you proud. Platinum Pools offers an extended list of additional pool features and add-ons. These additional add-ons can help turn your backyard pool into a dream like oasis. Personalize your pool with a tanning shelf, custom pool beach entries, streams, a splash pad, in pool bar stools and tables, or even turn it into an infinity zero edge pool.

Majority of pool owners use their pools for recreational purposes. Build a dream pool that you and your family want to enjoy every day. Our goal is to help you complete a functional, relaxing, and exciting backyard experience. View some of our additional pool features below and explore your endless possibilities.

swimming pool bar stools and tables

Bar Stools and Tables

Looking to customize the ultimate recreational pool? Why not add in unique pool furniture? Complete your backyard experience with in-pool stools and tables. Cool down, escape the heat, and sit back and relax with company in your pool.
Our bar stools and tables are completely customizable. They are UV resistant, chlorine resistant, and are built to last  just as long as your pool. Adding in-pool furniture allows you to create new and exciting ways to entertain guests. Drink, eat, and laugh all within the comfort of your own pool.

negative edge infinity pools

Negative Edge Infinity Pools

Looking to really impress your friends and family with your pool? Then customize one of your pools’ edges and turn your pool into an infinity negative edge pool. These types of pools are found all over the world, and are extremely popular. Infinity pools create the illusion and impression that the pool’s edge vanishes and merges into its natural landscape.
Our customizable vanishing edges are perfect for any backyard, but if your property sits out near a lake or beach, this pool option is a must have. Some of the world’s most famous pools include a vanishing edge.

backyard splash pads

Backyard Splash Pads

Bring the excitement and fun of commercial splash pads or spray pools into the comfort of your own backyard. Whether you’re looking to enhance your backyard aesthetics with a unique water feature, or create a great summer experience for your children, Platinum Pools is here to help. Splash pads allow for the ultimate amount of fun with little to no supervision required. Escape the rough Texas summers, and design your own mini backyard waterpark.

beach entry pools

Beach Entry

A beach entry pool, also called “zero entry pool” is a pool where one or more sides gradually slopes from ground level down into the water. This doesn’t necessarily mean there are no steps at all, as some beach entries slope gradually at first before underwater steps allow you to quickly descend deeper into the water. Beach entry is one of the more popular pool feature options which replaces the top step. The depth starts out at zero and slowly slopes to a depth of one foot. You may also need to have a second and third step to get down to the depth of the pool where the beach entry is located. The general idea is to create the outward appearance of a beach. Some zero entry pools even include waterfalls, and other elements of natural pool design to complete the effect.

swimming pool streams


For a very unique water feature you can add a stream to your pool. Most streams are usually an extension of the spa. Instead of the water in the spa flowing over the spa wall into the pool, the water will flow over a small waterfall type spillway and then through a river usually 3-4 feet wide lined on both sides with moss rock boulders and the bottom of the stream will be flagstone. Water will literally dance over the flagstone and eventually flow into the pool. You can also have the same effect with an off the pool waterfall where the water will again flow down the river into the pool.

tanning shelf

Tanning Shelf

Adding a tanning shelf to your swimming pool will give you a great place to lay out and stay cool during hot Texas summer days. A tanning shelf is normally 6 inches underwater and the size and shape can vary to cater to your personal preference. Sometimes tanning shelves are added not for tanning but for a fun, providing a safe place for small children to play. If you’re interested in a tanning shelf, you may want to also look at a beach entry.

spool builder in Houston


Spools are the perfect combination of spas and pools. Bigger than your typical spa but smaller than your average pool, spools are the perfect size for small golf course lots or inner city living like townhomes. They can be a great addition to make your home extra special and wow your family and guests even with a smaller sized yard.

Outdoor Structures

Outdoor Structures

Adding an outdoor structure to your backyard oasis gives you the perfect place to entertain. Choose between adding a pergola or pavilion, with lots of different sizes, styles, and finishes available.

Automated Systems

You should strongly consider turning your oasis into a smart pool. There is no exception when it comes to automation. With today’s technology, you can automate your pool via apps conveniently located on your Smartphone. With swimming pool automation systems, you can control various parts of your pool’s system all from an app on your phone, you can turn your pool lights on or off, set your desired water temperature, and control your spa and other water features. When your oasis is ready, you will have more time to relax, exercise, and have fun with family and friends.

Swim Jets

Swim Jets

Swim Jets create ideal conditions for lap swimming, jogging, or walking on the spot. They are an excellent option for folks who want to work out in their pool but don’t necessarily have the suitable layout or available space to put in an entire lap pool. It is the treadmill for swimming pools, great for walking in place with no stress on joints or bones. Medical institutions use pool jets as part of physical therapy in hospitals, health care facilities, sports medicine, and even in the military.

Spa and Pool LED Lights

Spa and Pool LED Lights

Elevate the poolside ambiance with color-changing lights around your pool, spa, and landscaping. It will deliver a display of intense, jewel-tone colors that make you feel like you are somewhere else. With an easy remote, you can adjust the colors or set light shows using pre-programmed features.

Swim Jets


Pool heaters are a popular option for warming swimming pools and spas. Having a heating system allows you to remotely monitor your boilers, water or pool heaters. With touch-of-a-button access to vital information, aids in decision making, cost-saving improvements, and reduces downtime. Pool heaters create their source of heat inside the combustion chamber.  They’re great for Spas as well. If there is a spa, then a pool heater is the best option.

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