CHoosing a Pool Builder

Choosing a pool builder is a daunting task. Platinum Pools the best builder in the Houston, Beaumont, and Victoria area. Find out why you can trust Platinum Pools to build your swimming pool.

And it’s a big decision – you are going to build a custom swimming pool. Now comes the fun part, choosing a pool builder. This can be an exciting time provided you make the right choice. Before you achieve the “American Dream” of owning your own custom swimming pool, you should read this brochure carefully, ask yourself some important questions, and review with potential contractors.

We provide a brochure to help: how to recognize and choose a professional pool builder.

Download a printer friendly version of Contractor’s Qualifications Supplement  |  Adobe PDF

Contractor’s Qualifications Supplement

  1. Pool Builder’s Showroom Address
  2. Pool Builder’s length of time in business under PRESENT name
  3. Had the pool builder, partners, owners, or officers ever filed for bankruptcy?
    If so, when and under what name?
  4. What bank does the pool builder do business with
  5. Will my checks be made out to a business account or a personal account?
  6. Who is the pool builder’s insurance company?
    For general liability?
    For personal liability?
    What are the limits for both
  7. Are the pool builder’s subcontractors covered by general liability insurance?
  8. Does the pool builder have a good rating with Dunn & Bradstreet?
  9. Will the pool builder’s insurance company provide me with certificates of insurance?
    Please provide name and phone number
  10. Does the pool builder belong to a trade association or business organization?
    Please provide
  11. Please provide the names and phone numbers of three suppliers you have done business with for at least two (2) years:
  12. Does the pool builder provide lien waivers from vendors and subcontractors?
  13. Will the pool builder provide a list of everyone who has lien rights on the pool?
  14. Does the pool builder agree to build the pool to meet or exceed the NSPI/ANSI Standards?

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