Update Tile & Coping

Do you want to switch out your pools tile & coping?
Our showroom has a huge selection of different tile & coping options to choose from.

Tile & coping ties your swimming pool to your decking and overall backyard environment. Replacing your pool’s tile & coping allows you to update look of your swimming pool without having to do any major updates. There are multiple reasons to switch out your current tile & coping; current tile or coping is damaged or falling off, discoloration, outdated, you want a different style, upgrade to better materials etc.

Tile & Coping Options


Check out our showroom today to choose from our wide selection of tile. Choose from glass, stone, porcelain, ceramic & mosaic tile, all available in a variety of colors and styles

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Coping is the capstone of your swimming pool’s structure that ties your decking to your swimming pool. Choose from travertine, flagstone, porcelain, slate, brick, or marble, all available in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes.

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