The Pool Building Process

The pool building process is lengthy and multi-step process. Our experienced pool building staff is here to guide you every step of the way.

Below is a step-by-step overview of what will take place when you are having a pool built at your house. From the initial design stage to the completion of your swimming pool there are 14 steps in the pool building process. Remember, this is only a quick overview of the entire process. When our Staff Designer comes to your home for a free estimate, they will spend time with you explaining each stage in more detail. Our experienced team of Staff Designers will be with you every step of the way to answer any questions or concerns you may have.



1We will come to your home or you may come to the sales office nearest you.  During this consultation, a Platinum Pools Staff Designer will walk you through the building process and answer your questions about owning a swimming pool.


2 An experienced Platinum Pools Staff Designer will put your ideas to work and prepare 3-d design video and drawing of your property, showing you the exact location of your pool.


3 Before we excavate your pool, a representative will stake out your new pool. The stakeout will be based on your design; and as soon as you are ok with the layout, we will dig the pool.

4 One of our expert contractors will use the latest equipment to excavate your pool and get it ready for the rest of the construction.


5 Steel reinforcements will be put in on a box style on the sides and bottom of your pool.  These will connect to the box beam band on the top, which adds life to your pool


6 The plumbing is designed to take advantage of the most efficient equipment on the market today, to keep your pool clean and purified.


7 Our special mix of gunite is applied under high pressure to bind tightly around the steel. This results in ultimate strength.

Tile & Coping

8 Coping is installed around the perimeter of your pool. The coping is professionally set in place and leveled.

9 The tile is also carefully placed and leveled to the inside of your pool to give it a beautiful finished look.


10 Certified, licensed electricians hook up your main electric service to your pool equipment.


11 You can choose from a large selection of deck surfaces and color to give that perfect finish to suit your surroundings.


12 Plaster is the last step in the construction of your pool.  The plaster is a hand-troweled waterproof plaster finish. After this, it’s time to add the water!


13 After the pool is filled with water, it is time for a representative from Platinum Pools to visit you at your home to teach you about the operation of your pool. We refer to this as “pool school”.


14 You are now set for a lifetime of fun and enjoyment in your very own backyard staycation!


If you would like an estimate, contact us online or call one of our local offices.  We have two locations; Houston and Beaumont.  You will find the phone numbers listed at the bottom of the website.

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