Beach Entry Pools

Beach entry is one of the more popular options which replaces the top step. The depth starts out at zero and slowly slopes to a depth of one foot. You will need to have a second and third step to get down to the depth of the pool where the beach entry is located.  Most beach entries must be topped with flagstone in white plaster pools. Platinum Pools, however, has white pebble plaster as our standard plaster and therefore flagstone is not required.  We invite you to sit with an experienced Staff Designer to go over all options.

Beach entry swimming pools have several advantages. For example, a beach entry provides easier access for children, the elderly and people with restricted mobility. They also act as a safer and enjoyable area for youngsters to play and paddle in.

Last but not least, they are ideal places to sunbathe, tan and relax. Enjoy all the advantages of the beach in your own backyard!

If you would like an estimate for a pool with beach entry, Contact Us Online or call one of our local offices.  We have three locations; Houston, Beaumont and Victoria.  You will find the phone numbers listed at the top of the website.