Beach Entry Pools


Imagine you’re at a luxury hotel, in a far away, tropical locale.

Slight breeze, relaxing next to the clear aqua waters of the pool. After soaking up the sunshine for a while, your thoughts turn towards a short soak to cool down. You get up and walk over to the pool and take a step into a shallow entry. You think to yourself, “This is amazing, I feel like I’m walking into the ocean, but don’t have to deal with burning my feet on the sand, getting splashed by a wave, cutting myself on a shell, or any of the other pesky little trade-offs of actually being on the beach.” As you walk a little further, you decide that you want to stay in this gently sloping paradise – it’s offering the perfect amount of cool, refreshing water, and the ability to keep the warmth of the sun on your body. You also appreciate that you didn’t have to plunge your limbs into cold water through deeper and deeper steps. As you peacefully lay in this shallow haven of the pool, you take in the surroundings and notice how natural the pool looks in this setting, like it was always here. Your mind wanders to your own backyard and the lack of a pool, and you wonder if you can replicate the serene environment – invoking all the feeling of a luxury vacation without spending the time, money, and effort to get there. You realize that your kids could more easily get used to swimming and be safer if there were a shallow part of the pool. Your parents are starting to feel the effects of aging, but still want to remain active and spend time with the grandkids outside. With a gentle slope into the pool, they could enter it more easily. And of course your wife has always wanted the backyard to have more cohesive and upscale design. You then resolve to call Platinum Pools as soon as you get home to discuss a installing your custom pool.

Pool construction and design has changed drastically in the past 20 years and families are able to custom design almost any aspect of their pool. From flora and fauna to border materials to the color of the base! Of all of the emerging trends in pool design, a beach entry is one of the most sought after. In addition to some of the benefits we will discuss here, beach entry pools have accomplished stunning design achievements and as technology and decor continue with new developments, this pool trend is destined to become a classic piece of the pool building industry.

What is Beach Entry pool?

A beach entry pool, also called “zero entry” is a pool where one or more sides gradually slopes from ground level down into the water. This doesn’t necessarily mean there are no steps at all, as some beach entries slope gradually at first before underwater steps allow you to quickly descend deeper into the water. Beach entry is one of the more popular options which replaces the top step. The depth starts out at zero and slowly slopes to a depth of one foot. You may also need to have a second and third step to get down to the depth of the pool where the beach entry is located. The general idea is to create the outward appearance of a beach. Some zero entry pools even include waterfalls, and other elements of natural pool design to complete the effect.

In the past, most beach entries were topped with flagstone in white plaster pools to ensure that the beach entry lasts for the life of the pool. Platinum Pools, however, has white pebble plaster as our standard plaster and therefore flagstone is not required. We invite you to sit with an experienced Staff Designer to go over all options.

What are the benefits of a beach entry?

Beach entry swimming pools have several advantages, in addition to adding a striking visual feature to your backyard pool. Enjoy all the advantages of the beach in your own backyard!
Below are some of the reasons to consider a beach entry, be sure to weigh these against other factors to make sure that a beach entry is the right choice for your family, your space, and your wallet.

Beach entry pools can be very accommodating to a wide variety of pool patrons. For toddlers, beach entry provides a special splash area for them and a great way for adults to supervise. A beach entry can be particularly helpful when teaching your little ones the beginning basics of swimming. You can start them in this shallow entry are and show them how to move their arms in legs in the water. Once they become accustomed to the coordinated movements, you can go a little deeper while their comfort level and abilities increase. Be sure to cover pool safety and make sure they understand that entrance into the pool always requires that an adult be present. There’s no reason the “lifeguard on duty” can’t enjoy the water too! Chairs can easily be placed on the slope keeping watchful eyes and helping hands close while allowing adults stay cool and keeping the kids entertained on those hot summer days.

Beach-entry swimming pools are also excellent options allowing ease of entry by people with physical limitations or for those older patrons who are wary of falling and breaking bones. Whether permanent or temporary—such as someone recovering from an injury—these challenges can make it difficult or nearly impossible to actually get into the pool water and enjoy its benefits. The gentle slope makes it easy to either roll the person into the pool or for that individual to use an assistive walking device to gain entry.

Along with making physical access easier, a beach entry pool may decrease psychological barriers to access; the beach entry’s gradual slope into deeper water is less intimidating. The ability to more slowly, progressively enter the pool can be appealing to a child, someone learning to swim, or anyone trying to tackle their fear of the water. For some, the temperature of the water can be uncomfortable to step into more than a few inches. With a beach entry, you can let your body gradually adjust to colder water one small step at a time.

And if you have a dog or puppy who enjoys playing in the pool, a beach entry can be safer for your pet than steps or a ladder entry, which can pose falling and drowning dangers for pets not used to pool play, especially visiting guests’ pets who become curious about your pool. You’d just spot the puppy heading into the pool at the start of that beach entry slope and call or fetch him out of danger.

Last but not least, they are ideal places to sunbathe, tan and relax. Have you ever wanted to take a break from sunbathing, but without completely submerging? With our Texas heat, you may just want to stay in the beach entry the whole time!

In addition to the functional advantages of a beach entry swimming pool, this design also goes a long way to setting a beach tone for your pool area. Since the gentle slope of the beach entry pool resembles the beach and ocean, you might create a natural pool design with sand, waterfalls, and beach stones incorporated into your pool and landscaping designs, allowing you to escape to the beach or to the islands any time you’d like, no passport needed.

What should I consider before talking to my pool builder?

When considering a beach entry for your backyard resort, there are several factors to consider and discuss with your pool builder before starting construction.

One is the size of your desired pool. That’s because this special design element will eat up a significant amount of length in order to reach the pool bottom. Certain factors—such as the shape of your pool and the width of the beach entry—can influence the final amount of length that is required.

Another consideration is your pool’s desired functionality. For example, if sunbathing is a key reason for wanting a beach entry, a better—and more affordable—alternative exists: A tanning ledge (also called a Baja Bench or Baja Step) requires much less space and is much better option for a smaller pool.

Your pool decking is another factor. When constructing a beach entry, certain kinds of material do not work well for the deck—which must merge directly into the pool. For example, decorative pavers make it difficult to achieve a smooth transition from deck to beach entry.

Keep in mind that a beach entry pool design requires plenty of space in your yard to allow for the sloping access area and still provide a spacious layout for your deeper pool waters, plus an accompanying swimming pool spa and perhaps a rocky waterfall and other water features. If you’re limited on space, you’re not out of luck when it comes to planning a beach entry swimming pool. You can simply design a beach entry for your pool that extends a distance, leading to several submerged stairs leading you into deeper pool waters. Platinum Pools will provide you with the ideal designs and options for a beach entry pool in a smaller yard.

Think about style as well. If you want the overall look of your new pool to be sleek and modern, then the natural appearance of a beach entry will require adjusting some of the other items in the setting and exploring options with a professional pool designer. Fear not, Platinum Pools has helpful and knowledgeable staff that will work with you to fit a beach entry into most design schemes.

So, consider a beach entry pool to be possible for any size or style of pool, allowing you to enjoy this top trend in swimming pool design and an indulgent, escapist, luxurious pool setting for all to enjoy.

If you would like an estimate for a pool with beach entry, contact us online or call one of our local offices. We have three locations; Houston, Beaumont and Victoria. You will find the phone numbers listed at the top of the website.