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Why Your New Swimming Pool Needs LED Lights!

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We all know that installing a lighting system to your swimming pool allows you to spend more hours of relaxation and enjoyment in your pool.  Today, swimming pool underwater lighting systems have come a long way thanks to technology.  What used to be a mere light bulb behind a glass cover has developed into lights that can last up to forty-five thousand hours of use. LED pool lights can also save you up to 85% in utility cost, compared to traditional pool lights.

To make things even better LED pool lights are now also available at a competitive price. LED lights are an excellent investment in making your oasis a glamorous economical swimming pool during the night.

There are other advantages to why you should add LED lights to your swimming pool:

  1. LED lights have continued and will continue to become more efficient with more and more added features.
  2. LED pool lights offer greater energy efficiency, lower consumption and maintenance, higher reliability and much longer life compared to incandescent pool lights.
  3. There are more and more varieties of LED light tones: cold, semi-warm, warm, RGB or colors, with programmable color-changing features.

Pool Lights

Quality of the Materials Helps Drive Cost Savings

Remember, many things that are cheap upfront end up costing you more in the end. Whether it’s due to not lasting as long or not being as energy efficient. The same goes for LED lights.  We highly recommend Jandy pool lights because they are known for their quality and reliable warranties to avoid problems like functionality failure or early replacement.

Quality bulbs include heat reducers that help the system to work correctly, with less thermal stress and everlasting function.

Check the electrical efficiency of your equipment.  The effect goes by the number of lumens per watt used, which means that the higher the ratio, the more efficient and cost-effective the pool light will be.

How to Install LED Pool Lights

We all know that any lighting system installed underwater gives an air of beauty and mystery to your swimming pool.  So, it is vital that all lights installed are completely sealed to avoid electrical accidents.  When building your swimming pool, we have a licensed electrician wire and set your LED pool lights. Hiring a licensed electrician to do the job is your best bet. Once your pool is completed, and water has been added to your pool’s system, we will send one of our technicians to make sure that everything is up and running correctly on your new pool.

LED Nicheless Pool Lights

Comfort is Key

Invest in a LED device with a built-in modulator and remote control. This allows you to have the luxury of changing the visual configuration of your aquatic environment from the palm of your hand. You can even go for high-end installations with computerized digital regulation, allowing you to program, and synchronize the lights with music, with something spectacular to relax or enjoy a party in style.