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The Phases of Building a Swimming Pool Part Five – Heater, Lights and Electric Panel

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On our last installment, we mentioned the importance of placing the wiring, plumbing, and filter systems for a swimming pool.  Now, we will look at another part of building a swimming pool adding heaters, lights, and electric panels.  We are talking about pool heaters, lighting, and electrical panel systems.

Before we go into a more profound description, it is vital to mention that a pool heater is a popular pool add-on that allows you to heat your spa and extend your pool season into the colder months.  Another one of the most popular swimming pool features are LED lights.  These devices have an energy-saving capacity and different colors available in the palm of your hand.   Both items can help you extend the use of your swimming pool, even after the summer season or after sunset.

Pool Heater

With a wide variety of pool heaters available to purchase, it can be confusing for anyone to know which heater will best suit their needs. There are essential factors to consider when buying a pool heater such as; geographic location, the use, or even your budget. Don’t think that an indoor pool doesn’t need a heater. 

The size of your pool will determine the total amount of water in gallons your pool has in it that will need to be heated. Size matters and the heating system must work with your pool, no matter how big or small it is. You can look for charts available online that provide you with the information you’ll need to determine the right size heater for your pool.

According to many utility companies, natural gas has been the most popular type of pool heater since it heats the water fast, they are economical and operate independently of air temperature. Natural gas comes through a hydronic heating system creating steam or hot water and helps to circulate through the plumbing pipes in your home.

Light System

We all know that any lighting system installed underwater gives an air of beauty and mystery to your swimming pool.  All lights installed must be sealed to avoid electrical accidents.  When building your swimming pool, we have a licensed electrician who can wire and set your LED pool lights. Once your pool is completed, and water is in, we will send one of our technicians to make sure that everything is up and running correctly on your new pool.

Electric Panel

There are many styles of electrical panels available.  Without it, your pool may not work properly.  It is important that your pool construction company has a licensed electrician to select the right panel for your oasis. 

The panel must have the capacity to protect your pool equipment from overloads from excessive voltage and short circuits.  Other advantages for having an electric panel includes an interrupter that stops the motor from electric consuming excess, avoiding the equipment from malfunction or burning.  Lastly, an integrated timer helps you program the filter system to do the pool cleaning.

Remember that you can also connect to it the lighting of the pool, as well as the water heater.  A proper installation will protect your pool and your electrical system, both from home and from the equipment for the maintenance of your pool.  Once installed, an inspector will come to verify the electrical wiring and plumbing systems before covering it with soil.

We invite you to check our next installment when we cover about gunite and coping. 

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