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While building a pool, there are a lot of things that should be considered: The size, dimensions, motors and chemicals. All such technical matters are better left to the architect while you just wait for the time when you’ll be floating around.

However, one thing that you should be interested is in selecting the surface of the pool. This part of the pool should be given a higher level of attention because the material used for the surface will directly impact the appearance of your pool. You can’t afford for your pool to not sync well with the surroundings or seem uninviting because once a pool is made, there are no changes. The material used for the surface also has to be appropriate to what feels good under your feet. Thankfully, you aren’t limited to a few options and the market of pool surface materials is flooded with options.


Let’s start with the best and most convenient option. If you decide to go with this option, be ready to wait. Installing tile is no doubt a time-consuming task that also requires time to dry out later. However, tiles will last longer than any material out in the market. Another advantage of choosing tiles is that they come in many shapes and designs. This will automatically give you more room to play with how your pool looks.


A comparatively cheaper alternative is plaster which also has many color options. The most preferred color for this surface material is white because it doesn’t limit the color of the pool to just one shade. It also reflects the color of the sky for a beautiful blue tint. Though this material might be cheaper it isn’t as economical because of the maintenance and upkeep required. The water and its chemicals discolor the plaster so it has to be repainted and re-plastered over time.


Using pebbles for your pool surface is a good option, especially when you’re going for a tropical look. It looks very natural and goes well with greenery. The best part about this material is that it doesn’t erode or wear and is able to resist chemicals. One thing to consider before investing in this pool surface is that pebbles are not very smooth and not as flat as other options which might be unpleasant to the feet.

Glass Beading

If you are very conscious of the aesthetics of your swimming pool, and don’t want to go for a typical plain base surface- the glass beading surface is just for you. Glass beadings create a mosaic of bright colors. Glass beading surfaces reflect bright light and illuminates your pool. The best part is that there is no regular maintenance required because of its durability.


This surface option is used for its wide variety of colors and smooth surface as well. However, it is rapidly going out of fashion due to its short life span and the need for it be repainted every 2 years.