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The Phases of Building a Swimming Pool Part Six – Gunite and Coping

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In our last blog, we explained the importance of placing the plumbing, and filter.  Now, it is time for the gunite.   If you ask what gunite is, let us tell you what it’s all about.

Gunite is a useful material consisting of applying concrete or mortar with a hose and compressed air to a surface at high speed.  The maximum aggregate size is no more than 1/3 of an inch.  This technique allows you to build virtually any surface.

Today, construction workers use gunite to condition slopes, cover tunnels, underground work, and roads.  By using less material and a fast, reliable machine represents a reduction in maintenance costs.   It is no wonder why the technique revolutionized the pool construction industry.

When it comes to building a custom swimming pool, gunite application provides the best technique, including:

  • Flexibility – Gunite is a flexible material perfect for custom pool designs.  No matter how sophisticated the layout is, it goes directly to the surface.  There is no need to compact the Gunite since it can adapt to any surface, including corners and curves.
  • Durability – While spraying under high pressure, the Gunite packs into the rebar framework, providing more concrete material per square feet.  Gunite is more durable, which means that the swimming pool is made to last.
  • Fits to any Shape or Space – An essential advantage of building with Gunite is that it can fit any shape, form, or space available.  The technique transformed the swimming pool industry, especially with custom-designed oasis.
  • Variety of Finishes – Although there are many finishes available, the pebble is the most popular, and it is excellent in low maintenance pools.  Gunite also helps to give a better hold to glass mosaic tiles.
  • Added Features – In terms of additional features, there are many additions you can opt for when choosing Gunite as your type of swimming pool. These include waterfalls, tanning ledges, grottos, bar stools, custom steps, and benches.

Once the steel structure, electric and plumbing is in place, then it’s time to apply Gunite. Nowadays, there is a faster way to apply using the gunite technique. The Gunite goes on the structure’s walls and floor by using a large hose. While it’s wet, builders smooth the Gunite and shape it, in areas like steps or curves so, once dry, the oasis will have a real consistency and ultimate strength. 

After the Gunite has dried, we are now ready to add your selected tile & coping to your pool.

What is Coping and What Purpose Does It Serve?

In simple words, pool coping is the capping edge around your swimming pool shell wall. It separates the swimming pool concrete shell from the surface and helps to protect the pool structure.

Simple, right? Well, apart from the aesthetics, coping has many vital functions. When installed correctly, it will keep water from falling behind the concrete shell. Coping also helps to keep the splashed water out to flow from the pool and into drains nearby.  Lastly, the coping area is typically the least humid area of your swimming pool decking (depending on the material of coping and decking you add to your pool).

Experts say that all elements will bring everything together.  It is all about the inside finish of the pool, the color, the waterline tile, even the slip rating of the product plays a significant role. There is also the constant exposure of sun, rain, and other natural elements. Keep in mind that the coping gets wet and dry regularly, so it is essential to consult with your designer in selecting a stone that will work properly.

There is a variety of materials available for pool coping; it ultimately all depends on the pool design and your requests. Some of the most common pool coping materials include travertine, flagstone, slate, marble, porcelain, and bull-nose brick. 

There are many options out there despite that it’s just the coping.   Although selecting coping is one small decision, it is one that will make an enormous impact on how your outdoor family room will look.

We invite you to check our next installment when we go over pool decking.

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