Tanning Ledge

A Must Have Add-On…The Tanning Ledge

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Each year the swimming pool goes through some minor changes.  There is a variety of add-ons to choose from, of course, and one of them is the tanning ledge.  Look around and see how this innovative, convenient pool feature, has become a favorite amongst pool owners.

Many people, who grew up in sunny areas with access to a beach, may remember two things: paddle ball and chairs close to the water.  While sports fanatics played a game similar to tennis, sunbathers believed that the reflection of the sun rays against the water gave you a better tan.  No wonder you see so many lounge chairs practically in the water at the beach.

Swimming pools started to pop up in American homes, very rectangular or kidney-shaped, with a shallow area exclusively for toddlers and kiddies.  Today the backyard pool has changed drastically from what it used to be with lots of add-on options available allowing you to have a truly unique custom pool. You can choose to add waterfalls, slides, raised spas, water bowls, fire bowls, beach entries, tanning ledges and much more to build yourself the backyard oasis that’s perfect for you.

Tanning Ledge

So, What Makes a Tanning Ledge…a Tanning Ledge? 

Tanning ledges are in the shallow area on one side of your pool.  Tanning ledges can be built in all sorts of sizes depending on what you want, the typical measurements for a tanning ledge are at least five feet in length and ten feet wide, and 6 to 18 inches in deep in water.  Today, the tanning ledge is often the first pool add-on that customers request designers to include with a custom-made swimming pool.

What Makes a Tanning Ledge Convenient to Have in Your Pool?

The tanning ledge gives many usages while in a swimming pool.  The shallow area on a tanning ledge is not only great for tanning but is also a safe place for your kids to enjoy the cool water on a hot summer day.  Some people like to place a couple of lounge chairs with small tables on their tanning ledge to enjoy their favorite drink while catching some sun or put out an umbrella to get some shade.

Your Dog Will Enjoy the Tanning Ledge Too

Your pet will take advantage of learning how to swim on a tanning ledge.  Tanning ledges make it easier for your pet to get in the pool with a safe shallow area away from the deep part of your oasis.  Don’t be surprised if your dog becomes the next canine champion swimmer.

Other Add-Ons go Well With a Tanning Ledge

The tanning ledge will probably already be the most popular area of your swimming pool.  But, if you add LED lights, umbrella sleeves, gushers, or a curvaceous lounge chairs designed for a tanning ledge, you have the perfect set-up for your family and guests to lounge, relax, and get some sun in this cozy area of your oasis.Baja Shelf

Is a Tanning Ledge Known as a Pool Entry?

Yes!  Consider this: when a designer plans out your pool based on your specifications, one issue to keep in mind is how you’re going to enter the oasis.  The tanning shelf is a popular pool entry option.  Children, adults, and pets can get access to this refreshing area of your pool under the hot Texas sun.

Tanning Shelf

Are There Other Names for the Tanning Shelf?

You may have heard Baja shelf, Acapulco shelf, Cabo shelf, Shamu shelf, sun shelf, etc.  According to some information online, the tanning shelf originated in the southern part of the United States and Mexico.  The tanning shelf was designed to give you a place to hang out and relax in your pool while working on your tan in your very own backyard pool.

Are you ready to have a swimming pool in your home?  Ask your designer for various layouts on tanning ledges.  Adding a tanning ledge to your pool will turn your oasis, and your backyard, into an extraordinary staycation.

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