Stream that connects spa and pool

Streams – From the Spa to the Swimming Pool

In Pool Features by Platinum Pools

An in-ground swimming pool is a significant advantage when it comes to design, beauty, and a long-lasting feature for your home.  It gives room for customization.  When a customer comes to visit our offices, our team of experts helps to design the oasis that expresses a personality.

We provide an array of features to complement any pool design.  Streams are a pool feature we offer that not very many people request due to the low amount of pools with this feature.

One request that many customers ask for in their pools is having the relaxing sounds of flowing water.  This request can be accomplished by adding spillways, scuppers or fountains that provide a sound of flowing water.  When it comes to streams, it gives a more natural effect and appearance for your backyard.

Usually, streams function as an extension of the spa.  Working as an indirect flow, contrary to others that go directly into the pool via a spillway or a stacked spillway.

This unique feature makes the water flow from the spa to the pool; first, from a small waterfall type spillway and through a creek.  The creek, measuring between three to four feet wide, has a moss rock boulder lining and the bottom made of flagstone.  Water will flow into the swimming pool.  The same effect applies to a waterfall too.

What makes streams great is that when natural shapes are combined with water, it gives an incredibly relaxing effect.  Streams are, definitely, a handy feature in today’s stressful environment.

Here are some examples of streams:

Stream that connects spa and pool

This beautiful spa is an excellent example of a waterfall type spillway with a moss boulder lining and flagstone bottom.  A bridge can even be added as a walkway over the stream.




Pool StreamHere is another example of a stream.  In this case, there is a small waterfall on one side of the spa, where the water flows into it, and later on another waterfall type spillway.  The stream flows across the decking with the bottom of the stream filled with small stones.




Swimming Pool StreamHere is a modern stream design.  This time, a flagstone spillway allows the water to flow into the creek, then directly into the pool.  A bridge that uses the same stone as the pool’s coping is used over the stream to serve as a bridge.





Pool Stream

Honorable Mention – Lazy Rivers

Once a pool feature exclusively for hotels and resorts, now is an excellent feature for your home.  If your property has lots of space, then a lazy river comes in handy.  Lazy rivers are much bigger than a stream but are also great fun for your family and friends.


There are many designs that our team of experts at Platinum Pools can provide to our customers.  As the saying goes “the sky is the limit”.  With a bit of imagination, you could have anything that you desire for the perfect staycation.

Don’t forget that Platinum Pools can walk you through the process. It all starts with a phone call at 281.870.1600 (Houston), 409.898.4995 (Beaumont), or 361.576.0183 (Victoria). Remember that Platinum Pools can prove the difference.