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Not so long ago, a client gave us a 5-Star rating and commented on her new swimming pool:

“After thinking our backyard was too small & inaccessible to put an iground pool and hearing great things about Platinum from friends, we set up a consult with pretty low expectations trying not to get our hopes up.  Once they finished our design, they handed out a timeline & a checklist of a very few things we needed to get done.  Once completed, Martin and Josh came out to show us every little detail of our pool.  The nicest, most professional and knowledgeable group of people we’ve ever worked with. After enjoying our pool for over three months now, we could NOT be more satisfied. It’s absolutely beautiful, exactly what we wanted and SUPER easy to maintain.”

Pool Designs for All Sizes of Backyards

Many people still believe a spacious backyard is ideal to have a swimming pool.  Well, that is all fine and dandy, that is not necessarily the case.  A good swimming pool construction company provides a team of designers to find a way to make that dream come true regardless of the size of your backyard.

Our experience with our customers is that each one has its world, and it is the responsibility of the designer to understand precisely what the customer wants.  It is also essential that the customer provides a list of why they want the swimming pool and who will be using it.  And, most important, that the prospect comes with an estimated measurement of their backyard.shapes of in-ground swimming pools

Your decision in having a swimming pool is all based on the list that you prepare.  Say you want the pool for exercising, or for the children, or just to have something beautiful to look at; those factors will help define what shape your pool will be.  An example, if you want to swim just a few laps per day, usually a long and deep pool goes well.  If the children will be spending a lot of time in the water, a small and not so deep pool goes well.  Now, if it is for luxury, think about a free-form swimming pool with a striking aesthetic appeal.

There is also another factor to consider.  The position of the swimming pool has to be relative to your home.  If the oasis is close to the house, go with sharper edges or a geometrical shape to match the style of your home.   Curved corners or free-form designs are excellent for a standalone feature, making it more natural and blending into the scenery.


spools for small backyards

In the case that you have a very tight space, then a spool is in order.  A spool is a hybrid between a swimming pool and a spa.  It measures between 10 to 16 feet long and 6 to 8 feet wide, which makes it smaller than a pool and twice as big as a regular spa.  The spool also has powerful jets, creating a current against which to swim.

Before you make a final decision, consult with a swimming pool construction company and find out what is the right choice for you.  Remember that once you build your decision, there is no turning back.  That means you cannot pull, stretch, or shrink a swimming pool’s shape and size after it is in the ground.

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