Pool with Tanning Shelves

Tanning Shelves vs. Beach Entry Pools

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Swimming pools have become a great idea to enhance the beauty of your house. The inclusion is done in various ways as it depends on the preference of the people and the amount of space available. However, when it comes to swimming pools, the trends come and fade. Include a waterfall or a rock fall, no matter what you are choosing, it will go best with the whole set-up. Apart from all these trends, the inclusion of a beach entry and a tanning shelf is also popular. However, there are a few main differences between a beach entry pool and a pool with a tanning shelf.

Tanning Shelves:

A tanning shelf is also known as the sun shelf, Baja shelf, or a Cabo shelf. It is a shallow section of the pool where the kids can play and the adults can stand. It’s a shelf that allows you to dip your feet into the water. There are some cases where a tanning shelf will include stairs. It serves as the step towards the pool. Tanning shelves look great when it is combined with different water features or lightning. When creating a tanning shelf, you need to have enough space.

The best part of tanning shelf is that it can fit in any pool. The shape can easily be customized. For example, you can have a geometric shape or a tanning shelf of some other custom design. The tanning shelf allows you to relax while sitting in the water with your kids or pets. There is also a trend of setting up lawn chairs where people can soak their feet in the water.

Beach Entry:

The beach entry is actually quite different from the tanning shelf. The major difference is that the beach entry is made with a slope. With the help of this feature, you will be able to get a natural beach look at your house. It is also best for the people who are handicapped. If you have a loved one in a wheel chair, it will be best to have a beach entry so that they can enjoy the pool with you. The gentle slope of the beach entry also allows you to sit and relax at the entrance instead of going into the pool.