Josh Platinum Pools Beaumont General Manager



Josh grew up in Centerville, Texas and joined Platinum soon after relocating to Beaumont. He has a beautiful wife and 10-year-old stepson. He enjoys spending time with with his English bulldog Macy, and watching survival TV shows.

Roy Pool Staff Designer



Roy is a Staff Designer in our Beaumont office that has been selling swimming pools since 1979. He has sold well over 1,000 custom pools and loves golf and photography. He enjoys his local church in Sulfur, Louisiana. He is a Beatles fan.

Martin Pool Construction Supervisor



Martin loves being involved in his community. Specifically, he enjoys car charity events. When he is not near a car or the track he loves to get lost is his favorite superhero TV shows – Gotham, Flash, and Arrow.

Clent Beaumont Pool Staff Designer



When Clint isn’t spending time with his family, he thoroughly enjoys being a member of the Mustang Car Club. His interests include working on cars, technology, drawing, painting, watching movies, and dabbling in 3D printing. Clent’s favorite type of music if Rock and his favorite movies are Pulp Fiction, Braveheart, and Fight Club.



Jordan Hougaard

Deborah is the receptionist in our Beaumont office. In Deborah’s spare time she enjoys going on road trips, going to the beach, and spending time with her family. Her favorite music is country and christian and her favorite TV show is The Walking Dead.