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Shortages Delaying Pool Construction

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Shortages in the swimming pool industry continue and leading to considerable timeline delays.  Experts say that a severe shortage of plastics and chemicals is affecting the entire pool industry. Limited supplies and rising costs of raw materials are causing prices to skyrocket at distributors. The recent surge in demand for pool products and COVID-19 restrictions impacted supply chains in the …

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Coronavirus: Swimming Pools, Spas and Water

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The Coronavirus is now a pandemic disease stated by the World Health Organization (WHO). Many pool associations are monitoring the COVID-19 outbreak, and the impact with the world, especially to swimming pool owners. The CDC has released guidance on COVID-19 and water transmission, including information on recreational water transmission. We encourage you to share this information with your organizations and …

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Happy Anniversary Platinum Pools!

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20 Years in the Pool Industry “Since 1998, I’ve had one of the best jobs in the world; I build fun!” – Scott Waldo Platinum Pools celebrates 20 years in the swimming pool business.  Our slogan “We Can Prove the Difference” is demonstrated by a list of over 3,500 happy customers. Building a swimming pool right the first time, and helping …

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How to Close Your Pool Off for Winter

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It might be easy to think that your pool will be fine if unused during the winter. That all you need is a pool cover, or that it might just freeze over and thaw by spring. However, that is not the case! Bacteria can still grow, freezing water can damage piping, filters, and much more if you don’t winterize your …

Public Swimming Pool Lifeguards – Unsung Summer Heroes

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Now that the 2016 summer season has come and gone, we’d like to take a moment and discuss the often-invisible heroes that give us the ability to have fun in the deep end on a hot Texas day without worrying about the unforeseen accidents that could happen outside of our control. Inspired by our last trip to the community pool …