Artificial Turf

Learn the Advantages of Artificial Turfs

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Artificial turf is becoming more popular in decoration and landscaping.   You may find it in many homes where golf putting is key or making an oasis more natural.  Many public areas like schools and parks are opting for a lawn with “less maintenance.”  What it used to be a synthetic green and plastic cover, the new artificial turf is more …

Backyard Oasis Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor Grills – Know the Facts

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Summer is here, and everyone is getting ready to enjoy the outdoors.  Homeowners with swimming pools and outdoor kitchens are getting ready for entertaining, especially when it comes to having a barbecue. Nowadays, outdoor living is going stronger than ever.  It means having a lovely patio, a pavilion or a pergola, complete with an outdoor kitchen and don’t forget the …

Lime Coat Decking

Advantages of Lime Coat Decking

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Your swimming pool is the best feature of your home.  Over time, a pool deck can get cracks, stains, or can get ugly from years of exposure to weather elements.  Limestone overlays can convert your oasis into an extraordinary area.  Imagine a custom designed stone surface in your backyard pool area, lime coat decking is durable, has beautiful textures, colors, …


Pergola – Decorating Ideas

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Summer is around the corner, and you may want to spend your Saturday mornings working in the garden.  When you spend time under a pergola after a well-deserved break, you can enjoy a shaded area in your backyard, some privacy or create a dining area to share with the family. Pergolas are a backyard oasis feature that creates a shaded …

Sunken Lounge

Sunken Lounges – A Trend in Outdoor Living

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Are you tired of seeing the same flat backyard?  Let us inspire you with some focal points such as a sunken lounge. Since the mid-1950s, sunken parlors became the rage, especially when designing mid-century homes.  Today, you can see sunken areas (also known as conversation areas) appearing in backyards across the country. With a sunken lounge, you have encouragement for …

complete outdoor living rooms and kitchen

Kamado Grill – Outdoor Cooking at its Finest

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More than 4,000 years ago, Chinese, Indians, and Japanese cooked their food in clay cups, using wood and coal as fuel.  Many historians and archaeologists published books revealing information of Indian tandoors, cylindrical clay ovens ideal for slow cooking, and Mush kamados, round ceramic pots with a removable dome shape, ideal for making steamed rice. The Kamado first came to …

hydrotherapy spas and pools

Hydrotherapy Spas – Know Its Benefits

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If you have a spa in your pool, say thanks to the Greeks, Romans, and Arabs, among others.  They used the baths as public spaces for enjoyment and relaxation.  They also studied the properties of water to treat diseases such as rheumatic, dermatological and respiratory affections, circulatory problems, metabolic disorders, etc.  The inclusion of a spa into a swimming pool …

Sheer Descent With Water Bowls On Raised Wall

Water Features Helping to Reduce Stress

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Water features are becoming a staple of swimming pools, especially here in Houston, TX.  They serve as a decorative or fun element or a swimming pool.  Water features also provide other benefits that accentuate the natural and relaxing properties that water already provides.  The idea of decorating your swimming pool with water features go beyond that; it’s all about rest …

Swimming Pool Umbrella

An Umbrella for Your Swimming Pool and Patio

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A patio provides spaces that homeowners should take advantage of.  Surprisingly, an umbrella can make a huge difference; it means having pleasant moments with family and friends and creating lasting memories. However, the umbrella is also an accessory that is a trend in swimming pool decoration.  If your swimming pool has a tanning deck or a beach entry, don’t hesitate …

Pool Slide

Pool Slides – How to Select the Right One for Your Swimming Pool

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Having a pool at home can be one of the best advantages.  It gives a very festive and recreational atmosphere, helping to reduce everyday stress, and a brilliant excuse to share pleasant times with friends and family. If you have ever gone to a water parks, you probably saw many pools, different shapes, heights, and colors, making you want to …

in pool bar stools and table

Bar Stools, Tables and Swim-Up Bars – Customizing Your Swimming Pool

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Since its creation, swim-up bars made it possible to enjoy a drink or a snack without getting out of the pool. It would take years to become one of the favorite additions to a swimming pool in residential backyards. Eventually, the in-pool table and bar stools came along for those who didn’t have any or little patio space but wanted …

Ledge Loungers

Pool Loungers

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Do you remember going to the beach and putting your lounge chair close to the water?  We are sure many of you have done that.  It is the memories of the beach, the lounge chair, the salt water, the perfect combination of sun and cool. Many clients who come to Platinum Pools request a tanning ledge for their swimming pool.  …

Pool Equipment Upgrade Energy Efficient Electronic Controllers

Spa Spillways

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Every day our designers and construction workers spend time in providing the ultimate fun and relaxation for our customers.  In today’s pool construction, more than 80% of customers want a unique design that includes an in-ground spa. When we create a backyard paradise, we are offering families the ultimate fun and relaxation without having to leave their home.  Integrating a …

Custom Built Spa

The Spa – Available Shapes and Its Benefits

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Today, many customers who want a swimming pool in their backyards include a spa as part of the complete outdoor experience.  No matter if it is connected, raised with a spillway or separated, spas give the family enjoyment all year round.  Spas provide relaxation while the kids entertain themselves with the water jets.   In-ground raised spas also have beauty features …

raised wall with sheer descent

Raised Walls for Your Swimming Pool – Its Function and Versatility

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One of the most significant features of eastern Texas is its landforms.  We are not far from the coast, but we are lucky enough to enjoy the plains.  It is also great for agriculture, raising horses and building swimming pools. Our construction staff and designers find some interesting situations such as a slope near a lake.  The question arises on …

Remodel Pool Add Putting Green

The Advantages of Adding a Putting Green with Your New Pool

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Putting greens are the latest rage in backyard living.  It’s the classic entertainment for all ages.  Children will have fun learning the sport while adults will practice getting better at their game. You may be asking why we are posting about putting greens when we are a swimming pool construction company.  Well, many of our customers enjoy playing golf, and …

Swimming Pool Weeping Wall

Weeping Walls

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At Platinum Pools, we are excited to meet new people and continue building swimming pools for our fellow Texans.  As more pool owners are looking to build a new pool or renovate their oasis, some may want to add a water feature that will give them the sound of nature and relaxation.  Waterfalls are one of the most requested water …

In-Floor Cleaning System – The Most Effective Option to Keep Your Swimming Pool Clean

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If you own an in-ground swimming pool, you may know that there are different pool cleaning systems available.  Without a doubt, there is one systems that is gaining more followers in newly constructed pools. We are talking about the integrated systems for cleaning your oasis automatically.  They are also known as in-floor pool cleaners. The demand for this product increases …

Fire Media

What You Need to Know About Fire Feature Glass and Lava Rocks

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Texans love to have a fire pit in their backyards.  It is the natural element that brings families and friends together, provides warmth during the fall and winter months, and gives a romantic moment under a full moon. However, when it comes to the aesthetic appeal of your fire pit, there are many options available.  While ceramic logs are the …


Pergolas vs Pavilions – What You Need to Know

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Backyards are now the new living room. The original swimming pool with a simple slab of concrete for its deck has now transformed into an exotic deck made with beautiful natural stones and patterned concrete.  Basic swimming pools have evolved into an artistic spectacle with water features, fire features, outdoor living spaces and more for everyone to enjoy. With cooking …

Deck Mini Jets

Mini Jets – Swimming Pool “Wow Effect”

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There is nothing that soothes the soul as much as the view and sound of moving water. That is why water features are such a popular and fast-growing improvement for pools and their environments.  When you add water features to your pool, it adds both beauty and excitement to your backyard oasis.  There are endless water feature choices available anywhere …

outdoor fire pits

Fire Pits – The Perfect Swimming Pool Add-On

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Winter time is here.  For the past eight years, backyard living is more popular than ever with many homeowners adding outdoor kitchens with dining areas, terraces, outdoor TV and speakers throughout their backyard oasis.   With all these great outdoor living features, the fire pit is number one especially when it comes to swimming pool accessories.  Many pool owners want to …

Columns With Planters and Scuppers

The Advantages of Having Scuppers for Your Swimming Pool

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When you add water features to your swimming pool design, you are adding beauty and excitement to your custom-designed oasis.  There is a wide selection of water features to choose from, but it all boils down to your imagination and preference.  Scuppers are a popular water feature when it comes to a swimming pool design. There are scuppers that range …

Why Timers and Pool Automation Systems are Important?

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Your swimming pool is the ultimate recreational space at home; and like everything, it requires maintenance to keep it in optimal condition.  A timer is an idyllic device to run your filter system at set times each day.  Not only it will help automate the filtering process, but it will also provide you additional time to relax and do other …

Fire and Water Pool Feature

Fire and Water Features – Beauty and Excitement!

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When Greek philosophers studied the materials that make the concept of reality, they concluded that four elements would always exist: earth, water, fire, and air.  Today, these elements play a vital role when it comes to pool construction, and how a project with those features can create a wow effect. Fire And Water Pool Features Fire and water features give …

Lighted Sheer Descent

Sheer Descents: Add Beauty and Life to Your Pool Day and Night!

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Sheer descents are a captivating water feature that can be added on any new, remodeled or existing pool or spa. Characteristics Sheer descents produce a clear water arc.  They are versatile in providing a wide variety of water effects and simple adjustments, easily adapt to your taste or any environment.  This water feature is available in different lengths, anywhere from …

Outdoor Speaker Sound System

Outdoor Speakers for Your Oasis – Know the Facts

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All outdoor speakers generally have a protective seal on the diffuser, connectors, and wiring to protect them from outdoor elements such as dirt and moisture. Many people believe that a diffuser when “weather sealed,” has a weaker sound quality than a home stereo system. This statement is not accurate since: The speakers are the proper frequency to compensate the shell. …

Stream that connects spa and pool

Streams – From the Spa to the Swimming Pool

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An in-ground swimming pool is a significant advantage when it comes to design, beauty, and a long-lasting feature for your home.  It gives room for customization.  When a customer comes to visit our offices, our team of experts helps to design the oasis that expresses a personality. We provide an array of features to complement any pool design.  Streams are …

Designing an Outdoor Kitchen

The Advantages of Having an Outdoor Kitchen

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Americans are no strangers to cooking outdoors, especially in the summertime.  Ever since the Food Network started, we couldn’t resist watching Bobby Flay preparing a great BBQ on the rooftop.  We also can’t help but watch do-it-yourself channels, showing off different people’s ideas and designs of outdoor living spaces.  Who wouldn’t want to have their own outdoor family room? Or …

$80k-$100k Custom Pool with spa, waterfall and flagstone pool decking

Different Types of Pool Decking

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The swimming pool is not just a hole in the ground filled with water; it’s so much more.  A swimming pool has lights, waterfalls, grottos, tanning shelves, etc.  When the time comes to build an oasis, it’s the decking that will make your pool stand out.  We could say that pool decking is the add-on fashionista of the backyard; the decking will …

custom fire features

The Future of Swimming Pool Automated Apps

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It’s great to have a pool to relax, exercise and have fun with family and friends.  With today’s technology, you can now control your pool via apps conveniently located on your smartphone.  Imagine turning your pools fountains on or off, programming the filter and water pump, turning LED lights to go on at night all from your mobile phone.  Mobile …

Swim Jet

The Advantages of Having a Swim Jet in Your Pool

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For baby boomers, Mark Spitz was the athlete who set the standard of competitive swimming while for millennials, Michael Phelps is the epiphany of the Olympic sport.  We all know that these two swimming heroes started their sports careers in their very own backyard.  The notion of swimming from one end of the pool to the other, whether among friends …

Pool Water Features

Add-Ons to Customize Your Swimming Pool

celement Pool Features

Purchasing an in-ground swimming pool is a major decision.  There are many shapes and sizes to choose from but choosing the best shape and size is dependent on the available space in your backyard.  Another thing you need to consider when having your pool designed is making sure that the pool design will match with your home and the surrounding …

Custom Pool Grottoes

More About Water Features – The Grotto

Swimming Pool Expert Pool Features

Did you know that one of the most popular features of a swimming pool is a grotto? It is a perfect addition that brings added beauty and privacy. Pool designers can create grottos appealing to the eye, providing an excellent channel for water to pour, all while meeting specifics from a client’s preference and circumstance. What is a Grotto? A grotto …

Pebble Tec Pool Finishes

Pebble Surfaces are Better for Your Swimming Pool

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Pebble surfaces are the rage when it comes to custom-built swimming pools. If you are looking to have an oasis in your backyard, and you are considering low maintenance, then pebble finishing your pool is what you need. But first, why Pebble Surfaces and not plaster surfaces? Pebble finishing is more expensive than plaster, but it has a much longer …

Custom Swimming Pool Builder in Houston Texas

How to Choose The Right Pool Cover

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One of our colleagues told us recently of why her father bought a pool cover. She said that the swimming pool was not in her family’s home but at a weekend retreat they owned. Every weekend they found strangers jumping over the fence and having fun. “It was at that moment that my father decided to get a cover for …

Pool with Fire Pots and Tanning Deck

The Importance of Having Fire Pits

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Savvy homeowners are gearing more into outdoor living.  Outdoor kitchens, flower beds, and swimming pools with spas took over the once popular wooden decks and grills.  But it is the fire pit that is in high demand- illuminating evening sky across the country.  Note that it is essential to select the right fire pit based on available space, budget and, …

swim up pool bar

The Swim-Up Bar – Who’s Idea Was It?

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The first time I ever saw a swim-up bar was at my best friend’s home.  The year was 1977; my friend and I were about to graduate high school, and I would spend weekends at her home.  There is no denying that her swimming pool beat every other in a residential area.  It was the most expensive neighborhood, and her …