Swimming Lessons for Kids

It’s Time for Your Swimming Lesson

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As spring approaches, many homeowners are looking to purchase a swimming pool.  But, safety comes first, and it is vital for your children to take swimming lessons.  It is the one skill that they should learn as early as possible.   Why Are Swimming Lessons Important? If you have children and there is a swimming pool in your backyard, have …

Cleaning a Swimming Pool After a Hurricane

How to Clean a Swimming Pool After a Hurricane

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It’s All About The Chemicals That You Use In the last two months, the Gulf Coast and the Caribbean got struck with high-category hurricanes.  Harvey got the best of eastern Texas while Irma came two weeks later and hit Florida.  But it would be the Antilles Islands that got the worse of it. The islands were hit twice.  Exactly 14 …

backyard splash pads

Residential Splash Pads For Your Backyard

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Splash Pads, also known as spray pools, are a source of water activities mainly for children. Splash pads have nozzles and pipes of water and involve little or absolutely no standing water. The reduced risk of drowning makes splash pads safer for young children, unlike any swimming pool. For people who are not comfortable with going in a typical swimming …

Mosquito repellent tips for the summer

DIY Mosquito Repellents and Tips for the Summer

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Get ready for a spring and summer filled with outdoor activities, minus the annoying mosquitoes. Texas summers were made to be spent outdoors by the pool. (or indoors with your air conditioning set to 70). Whether you’re tanning, swimming, BBQing, or simply enjoying a beautiful day out by the pool- there’s one thing you can never escape in Houston. What’s …