$80k-$100k Custom Pool with spa, waterfall and flagstone pool decking

How to Maintain Swimming Pool Decking

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If you think that skimming out debris and balancing the chemical levels in your pool’s water is enough, then you are forgetting a very integral part of maintaining your backyard oasis. Pool Decking is as important as the pool itself.  It gives beauty and character to your oasis.  And, like any other part of your home, it also needs maintenance. …

Rain drops effects on your pool

Rain Can Affect the Water in Your Swimming Pool – Know the Facts

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Summertime represents the sun, warm weather, swimming in your pool with friends and family.  Summer also represents rainfalls.  In some states, summer can provide rainstorms almost every day. If you think the rain does not damage your swimming pool, then here are some facts that you should have present at all time. First, the problem with rainfalls in the United …

Eco-Friendly Swimming Pools

How to Make Your Swimming Pool Eco-Friendlier

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April 22nd marks the 48th anniversary of Earth Day.  Many people around the world will celebrate Earth Day by creating a consciousness of saving energy to make the earth a better place. Energy efficiency is an important subject these days. Many of us are looking to save on gas, water, and the use of other natural resources.  By limiting the …

Obtaining Financing for a swimming pool

Getting Financing for a Swimming Pool

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Many homeowners dream of having a custom-made swimming pool, but they may have no idea on how to go through the process of getting financing for a swimming pool.  Like with any home improvement, money plays a crucial role when deciding on building a swimming pool.  Adding a backyard oasis is a significant housing improvement that will cost thousands of dollars. …

Variable Speed Pump

The Benefits of Using a Variable Speed Pump to Run Your Swimming Pool System

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We at Platinum Pools have the goal to provide our clients with a way to create beautiful lasting memories.  When a customer visits one of our offices, we provide them with vital information about pool design and durability based on their ideas, the available space in the backyard, and how often they may be using their future custom pool.  Some …

pools for small yards

A Pool for Everyone

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Not so long ago, a client gave us a 5-Star rating and commented on her new swimming pool: “After thinking our backyard was too small & inaccessible to put an iground pool and hearing great things about Platinum from friends, we set up a consult with pretty low expectations trying not to get our hopes up.  Once they finished our …

Backyard BBQ Grilling Tools

Our Favorite Essential Grilling Tools

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If you are an amateur or an expert on the matters of grilling, keep in mind that barbecue cooking utensils and toolkits can vary in sizes and quantities. The great majority of BBQ utensils come with the basics; spatula, tong and fork. It is very important to check the length – the longer the better.  This means that you won’t …

swim up pool bar

The Swim-Up Bar – Who’s Idea Was It?

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The first time I ever saw a swim-up bar was at my best friend’s home.  The year was 1977; my friend and I were about to graduate high school, and I would spend weekends at her home.  There is no denying that her swimming pool beat every other in a residential area.  It was the most expensive neighborhood, and her …

custom fire features and swimming pool lighting

Change the Color of Your Lights and Change the Ambiance in Your Pool

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Let’s face it.  We are creatures of change.  Our homes have to be up to date with the latest trends in decoration.  But when it comes to changing your swimming pool lighting, it’s another dilemma.  The process of changing out your pool’s lights isn’t easy but it’s also not impossible. The most significant change is going from traditional incandescent pool lighting …

Cleaning a Swimming Pool After a Hurricane

How to Clean a Swimming Pool After a Hurricane

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It’s All About The Chemicals That You Use In the last two months, the Gulf Coast and the Caribbean got struck with high-category hurricanes.  Harvey got the best of eastern Texas while Irma came two weeks later and hit Florida.  But it would be the Antilles Islands that got the worse of it. The islands were hit twice.  Exactly 14 …

Custom Pool With Water and Fire Features

What Pool Features Should I Add To My New Pool?

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Looking to build a pool? Can’t decide what to add to your pool? Well the possibilities are endless. But here are few of our favorite pool features for you to consider! But before you decide to consider adding any pool features, make sure you have a concept, theme, or idea in mind. There’s almost nothing worse than a tacky pool …

build a custom spa

Should I Build a Spa? Does a Spa Add Value To My Home?

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A spa has always been considered as a luxury. People build a spa or a hot tub to make their houses look expensive and obviously to enjoy the benefits of a spa. Though spas come with a heavy price tag, they also come with a lot of added bonuses. Like most of expensive things, building a spa can also be …

outdoor slate decking

5 Basic Pool Decking Options

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Your pool defines your own personal style. A beautifully designed swimming pool can add a unique flare to your backyard. The first thing you need to do before choosing the perfect pool, is to choose the right decking. There are endless ways to design and style your pool to make it look more attractive. One of the ways is, to …

Luxury Custom Pool Builder

Customize Your Pool With a Beautiful Rock Waterfall

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Planning to extend the beauty of your existing pool? Swimming pools have become the latest trend in home improvement. There are a lot of reasons due to which people prefer to have a pool in the backyard of their home. However, the inclusion of new features and concepts is also done to enhance the existing beauty. One of the famous …