Exercises You Can Do In a Swimming Pool

Enjoy a Fit and Cool Summer!

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We all want to look fit and energetic in the summertime.  With that being the case, you would investigate an air-conditioned gym, but it can be costly.  If you are looking to exercise outdoors, then we have news for you; the Texas heat can sap up your energy and your motivation.   As we get triple-digit temperatures in the summer, working …

Designing a Swimming Pool

It’s a Process – Designing a Swimming Pool

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We meet new people every day, and there is always the question “what do you do for a living?” A common answer to this question is “I’m in sales”.  Most people, however, leave the answer to that and don’t go into what company they sell for, or what their specific job entails. So now the question arises: What does designing …

how to clean your grill

Tips On How To Clean Your Grill

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If there is an item as necessary for the dream backyard as the swimming pool, it has to be the barbecue grill. Grills are the heart of the party; the item that cooks your hamburgers, hot dogs, steaks and, fish to perfection.  Remember that with grills, cleanliness is the key.  You may be somebody who believes that charcoal ash is …

Armed Forces Day

It’s Armed Forces Day – Pool Therapy Healing

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This Saturday, May 19, you may see a parade in your hometown composed of army jeeps, tanks, marines marching displaying their rifles, and the celebration of patriot colors. This day is Armed Forces Day in the United States. As a small contribution to this day, Platinum Pools is advising those who served in times of war and peace on how …

How to clean outdoor furniture cushions

How to Clean Your Outdoor Furniture Cushions

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It’s that time of the year again!  Time to put away everything winter-related; throw away what you don’t use; rearrange the furniture and do some deep spring cleaning.  During the long and tedious process of spring cleaning, you may forget your outdoor furniture.  Believe it, or not, many people forget that the backyard is also part of their home. Oh …

Polaris Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

Why Automatic Pool Cleaners are Better for Your Swimming Pool

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An important guarantee Platinum Pools gives to their customers is a low-maintenance, custom-made swimming pool. Owning a low maintenance swimming pool means that it only takes around 15 minutes to care for your pool. An essential accessory you need for your pool is an automatic pool cleaner. In the past, a pool owner had to put together an entire pool …

Swimming Lessons for Kids

It’s Time for Your Swimming Lesson

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As spring approaches, many homeowners are looking to purchase a swimming pool.  But, safety comes first, and it is vital for your children to take swimming lessons.  It is the one skill that they should learn as early as possible. Why Are Swimming Lessons Important? If you have children and there is a swimming pool in your backyard, have them …

President's Day Pool Party

Presidents’ Day by the Pool

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The school year comes with a lot of challenges for parents.  It’s all about the Christmas pageant, the Halloween costume contest or graduation.  But there is nothing more challenging than a long weekend.  There are not many of them, but it’s not like summer, where you can plan ahead for that trip in a car or a plane, or even …

Valentines Day Pool Party

Valentine’s Day by the Pool

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Whether it rains or shines, expect Valentine’s Day to be in the low 70°F.  So, get the decorations out and have the best pool party ever.  Here are some ideas to make the gathering a memorable one: Planning Decorations Simple decorations like red, white and pink balloons go well.  You can make a bunch and tie them together on a …

Custom Pool LED Lighting for Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day Colors for Your Swimming Pool

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When we think of a Valentine’s Day gathering by the swimming pool, the first thing that comes to mind is a heart-shaped pool.  That is all fine and dandy; but, if you don’t use colored LED lights, your oasis will look like it does every single day. The Colors of Valentines Days All holidays have their signature color to represent …

Pebble Tec Pool Finishes

Pebble Surfaces are Better for Your Swimming Pool

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Pebble surfaces are the rage when it comes to custom-built swimming pools. If you are looking to have an oasis in your backyard, and you are considering low maintenance, then pebble finishing your pool is what you need. But first, why Pebble Surfaces and not plaster surfaces? Pebble finishing is more expensive than plaster, but it has a much longer …

Build a Custom Pool in Missouri City TX

Swimming Pool Check Up

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You decided to heat your pool for this winter time, right? Don’t think that your pool will stay clean even if you shut off your heating device for a few hours. It takes a few hours to freeze the water and subsequently, the tubes. Remember that you must check your backyard oasis, no matter what, to ensure that all is …

Spill-Over Spa in Fulshear

Hot Tub & Spa Tips For The Winter

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Hot Tub & Spa Tips For The Winter When the cold season arrives, many look forward to that little time to relax in a spa or a hot tub. But like all bodies of water, there are procedures that a spa owner must know. Here are some tips that will help you enjoy the benefits of using your spa or …

Custom Swimming Pool Builder in Houston Texas

How to Choose The Right Pool Cover

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One of our colleagues told us recently of why her father bought a pool cover. She said that the swimming pool was not in her family’s home but at a weekend retreat they owned. Every weekend they found strangers jumping over the fence and having fun. “It was at that moment that my father decided to get a cover for …

Pool with Fire Pots and Tanning Deck

The Importance of Having Fire Pits

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Savvy homeowners are gearing more into outdoor living.  Outdoor kitchens, flower beds, and swimming pools with spas took over the once popular wooden decks and grills.  But it is the fire pit that is in high demand- illuminating evening sky across the country.  Note that it is essential to select the right fire pit based on available space, budget and, …

Cleaning a Swimming Pool After a Hurricane

How to Clean a Swimming Pool After a Hurricane

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It’s All About The Chemicals That You Use In the last two months, the Gulf Coast and the Caribbean got struck with high-category hurricanes.  Harvey got the best of eastern Texas while Irma came two weeks later and hit Florida.  But it would be the Antilles Islands that got the worst of the storms. The Antilles islands were hit by …

swimming pool exercises

Our Favorite Water Sports & Swimming Pool Exercises

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Out of the 59 water sports in existence, only 8 of them are popular in swimming pool activities.  Whether the kids want to imitate Michael Phelps, or the adults want to find a more comfortable way to lose weight, and gain muscle and joint flexibility, there is a water exercise to suit your needs. What is truly amazing is that …

Platinum Pools Pool

Swimming Pool Finishes & Surfaces

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While building a pool, there are a lot of things that should be considered: The size, dimensions, motors and chemicals. All such technical matters are better left to the architect while you just wait for the time when you’ll be floating around. However, one thing that you should be interested is in selecting the surface of the pool. This part …

Luxury Custom Pool Builder

Customize Your Pool With a Beautiful Rock Waterfall

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Planning to extend the beauty of your existing pool? Swimming pools have become the latest trend in home improvement. There are a lot of reasons due to which people prefer to have a pool in the backyard of their home. However, the inclusion of new features and concepts is also done to enhance the existing beauty. One of the famous …

2017 Pool Trends

5 Swimming Pool Trends for 2017

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Build a perfect pool with the hottest pool trends of 2017. Pool designs and trends are forever changing. Technology is advancing so many aspects of our lives, and the pool industry is not lacking. With the fast advancement of technology, there are always new gadgets, systems, and designs that emerge into the market every year. In a world of social …

Proper Swimming Techniques

Back to Basics: Proper Swimming Techniques

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Want to swim like the pros? We’ve got you! Catch yourself struggling to stay afloat in the pool? Notice that your go-to swimming technique is the doggy paddle? Stress no more! Platinum Pools has all tips you’ll need to swim like a pro this summer. So get out, grab some goggles, swimming cap, your most trusted bathing suit, and become …

Mosquito repellent tips for the summer

DIY Mosquito Repellents and Tips for the Summer

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Get ready for a spring and summer filled with outdoor activities, minus the annoying mosquitoes. Texas summers were made to be spent outdoors by the pool. (or indoors with your air conditioning set to 70). Whether you’re tanning, swimming, BBQing, or simply enjoying a beautiful day out by the pool- there’s one thing you can never escape in Houston. What’s …

Fire Pit

Winter Time Activities by the Fire Pit

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Ignite your backyard patio and pool with luxurious fire bowls, pits, and other custom fire features. Luckily, Houston winters can be mild, and bearable at times. Which allows for some fun in the cold. Enjoy the brisk cold air by a nice and cozy fire pit or outdoor fire place. Activities by The Fire Hot Chocolate and Ghost Stories Make …