Scott Waldo Platinum Pools President & Founder



Scott is the President and Founder of Platinum Pools. He has been happily married for over 20 years. He enjoys working hard, spending time with family, hunting, and the beauty and peace of beach life.

Veronica Platinum Pools Purchasing Coordinator/Executive Assistant



Veronica is an Executive Assistant at Platinum Pools. She is honest, hardworking and a loving mom of two. She enjoys doing projects around the house, painting and watching crime investigation shows on TV. Her favorite book is Become a Better You by Joel Osteen.

Luis Pool Plumbing and Steel Manager



Luis is a Civil Engineer and graduated in 1986. He worked in highway design for 19 years and as Superintendent in field construction. How did he get his first job? Saying with determination: “Tell me What and How and I do”. He is a very hard worker and has never been afraid to do any kind of job.

Christy Platinum Pools Marketing Director



Christy was a Platinum Pool customer before she became our Marketing Director. When not on the soccer field, her family loves to spend time outside and around the pool. She enjoys staying active and running.

Hemant Platinum Pool's Accounting Supervisor



Hemant enjoys bicycling, walking, and reading. In addition, he is a participant at Chinmaya Mission. His favorite types of music are jazz and pop. In his down time, when he is not reading or listening to music, he likes to check out the Discovery Channel and the History Channel.

Yeiny HR Coordinator



Yeiny enjoys running, yoga, and reading. When she’s not doing those things, Yeiny loves nothing more than to create art and write. Yeiny is also passionate about mentoring young women coming into the workforce, and serves her community in this way. She likes all types of music and her favorite TV show is Billions.

Ben Platinum Pool's Warehouse Manager



Ben is the Warehouse Manager with Platinum Pools. He has 3 beautiful daughters and one son. He loves to play tennis as much as possible and enjoys doing landscaping and gardening at his home.

Enrique Platinum Pools Warehouse Helper



Enrique enjoys family outing along with handyman projects and repairing vehicles. He loves Morachi music and his favorite TV show is Knight Rider.

Jared Construction Supervisor



When Jared is an auditor here at Platinum, he enjoys deep sea fishing and cooking. For his hobbies, Jared loves karaoke, traveling, and working on cars. He also likes lending his talents to his community by volunteering with habitat for humanity. His favorite music is Texas country, and his favorite tv show is Billions.

Jordan Platinum Pools SEO Coordinator



Jordan loves attending concerts with his wife, going to the dog park, and traveling across the globe (Costa Rica, New Zealand, Taiwan & China to name a few choice destinations). He speaks Mandarin (a Chinese dialect), is involved in volunteering with the youth at his church and with his mother-in-law’s non-profit aimed at helping victims of abuse (primarily children).

Pool Accounting Specialist


Jordan Hougaard

Ramon is an Accounting Specialist with Platinum Pools. He enjoys spending time with his family and watching all Chicago sports teams. His favorite TV shows are CSI: Miami and Law & Order.

Pool Auditor


Jordan Hougaard

Jose is an auditor at Platinum Pools. In his spare time he likes traveling (especially to Riviera, Mexico), all sports, camping, and relaxing at home with his wife, two dogs and cat.  He enjoys watching Game of Thrones, Friends, and Sportscenter. His favorite quote is “happy wife, happy life”.

Todd Pool Construction Manager


Jordan Hougaard

Todd is the Construction Manager at Platinum Pools. He enjoys spending time with his family, hiking, camping, fishing and anything outdoors. Todd is involved in his community by working with children without fathers. His favorite quote is “logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will take you everywhere”.