Wanda Pool Quality Assurance and Warranty Manager



Wanda is a valued member of the Platinum Pools family and has worked in the pool industry for over a decade. As Quality Assurance Manager, she makes certain that all Houston pool service customers are properly taken care of.

Malik Pool Service Manager



Malik enjoys bike riding, running, and playing basketball. He is interested in music, cars, training, and sports. Malik also volunteers as a coach along with helping out at the Houston Food Bank. His favorite genre of music is hip-hop, and he loves watching House of Cards.

Shelly Platinum Pools Staff



Shelley is our administrative assistant for our service department. She was born and raised in Houston, Texas and is an animal lover. She loves shopping, spending time with friends and reading. Her favorite quote is “Always do right-this will gratify some and astonish the rest” by Mark Twain.

Ruban Platinum Pool's Staff



Ruben enjoys playing soccer and being involved in his local church. He has a passion for his job, specifically when it comes to the technical aspects of pools. He enjoys all different kinds of music, and his favorite quote is, “Keep it simple.”

Clint Pool Start-Up Tech



Clint loves to hunt and fish. He also enjoys home projects and working around the house. His favorite quote is from Thomas Edison, “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.” He likes country music along with classic rock. When he’s not outdoors or working around the house, he loves watching the outdoor channel and the sportsman channel.

John Pool Service Technician



John enjoys fishing, kayaking, video games, and sports. He also loves music, specifically classic rock and heavy metal. When he watches TV, his favorite show is Rick and Morty. John’s work ethic is incapsulated in his favorite quote, “There’s only one way to do it, that’s to do it.”