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Swimming Pool Cleaning Mistakes

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The majority of homeowners choose to have a swimming pool in their home to enjoy family gatherings, parties, or just pure relaxation. There are even more positive reasons than these to own a pool, but the key is keeping the oasis in such a way to minimize the pool maintenance burden and amount of daily pool cleaning needed.

Like all parts, they need replacement. We are referring to filter cartridges, grids, skimmers, and even the motor. However proper care increases the life of your swimming pool and will save you money in the long run.

Common Pool Cleaning Mistakes

One of the reasons why some pool owners spend more money in caring for their oasis has to do with mistakes. You read right, mistakes on how to care for their pool. Here is a list of errors that may often go towards spending too much cash on repairs, and your pool turning green:

  1. Not Putting in enough Chlorine – the more people in your swimming pool, the more chlorine you’ll need. There is a reason why you have a swimming pool and that is to be able to use it. But when you have a shindig, it will need more chlorine to keep the chemicals in balance. Make sure to clean the pool the following day by using a brush for the tiles. Add more chlorine and clean the filter; or if your swimming pool needs more chemicals, a floater or an inline chlorinator is ideal.
  2. Man’s Best Friend Likes the Pool Too – but if your canine is a long-haired retriever, make sure to net the swimming pool promptly after your pet’s swim. Also, the skimmer basket needs cleaning. You don’t want your dog’s hair back into the pool, right? Remember that proper maintenance prevents excessive debris or a clogged impeller.
  3. Turning the Pool Pump Off – if you are looking to save money on your electric bill, expect to spend more on chlorine, acid, and even professional maintenance. The truth is that swimming pools are built to keep themselves clean. If the pump is running correctly, the filter and skimmer will keep debris out, preventing any algae growth. However, all swimming pools are unique, so run the swimming pool pump for 8 hours per day in the summertime. If your swimming pool has any signs of algae, or turns from clear to green, then run it for 24 hours per day until the condition of your pool improves. It is ALL about the FLOW! Circulation IS the key to a low maintenance swimming pool.
  4. Not Checking Your Pool’s Chemistry Often – it’s essential to check the chemicals in your swimming pool, at least twice a week during the summertime. You can make minor adjustments to the water instead of significant changes that, eventually, create an unstable activity.
  5. Don’t Shock Your Swimming Pool During the Day – one thing is not to shock your pool weekly, and another thing is to not shock your pool during the day. Did you know that the sun can burn the chlorine? The sun can burn one part per million, per hour, creating a chloramine, or dead chlorine. To do oxidation, the level of chlorine must be of 13ppm or more. It is better to do the shocking process at dusk, leaving enough time to do the job.

Quick Pool Cleaning Care Bullets

To sum it up, remember to:

  • Clean your pool by brushing the walls and tile; and add more chlorine the day after a party
  • Clean the baskets and use a skimmer to remove pet hair
  • Always make sure your pump is on at least 8 hours or more per day
  • Check the chemicals in your pool twice a week
  • Shock your pool at dusk time so it can do the work properly

These simple tips will help to keep your swimming pool in top-notch shape.