Designing a Swimming Pool

It’s a Process – Designing a Swimming Pool

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We meet new people every day, and there is always the question “what do you do for a living?” A common answer to this question is “I’m in sales”.  Most people, however, leave the answer to that and don’t go into what company they sell for, or what their specific job entails.

So now the question arises: What does designing and selling pools entail? According to experts, everyone who is in this industry must know three main ingredients:

Investigate Your Area

The designer must know and collect all the information they can about competitors, products, customer needs, new uses of your products, building permits, HOA regulations etc. In the case of our design staff at Platinum Pools, it’s crucial that they know about the competition, what it entails in building a swimming pool, sale conditions, how to prepare an accurate design/quote, and the benefits and characteristics of having a swimming pool.

Pool Designers in Action

To create a proper design, a designer needs to have an excellent knowledge of the product to fit every customer’s unique needs. It is also important for the designer to know what the customer’s budget is. A large part of the design process is sitting down with the customer and educating them on their different options when building a pool in their backyard. When it comes to designing swimming pools the possibilities are limitless. Once a customer is educated about their many different options, designers will sit down and listen to what the customers want and works with them to design the customer’s perfect pool.

Strengthen the Relationship with Customers

Completing the design and selling the customer the pool does not mean it’s the end of the business relationship between the designer and customer. A designer must keep in contact with the customer.  It’s always good to keep them informed of the latest trends, new products, as well as keep the customer up-to-date while their pool that was designed is being built. A good designer will not only help you design the pool of your dreams but will also be with you every step of the way even after your pool has been completed.

We all know that purchasing a swimming pool is an important decision.  Purchasing a swimming is a large investment that you need to know what the family wants. Therefore, based on our experience, let us provide you some details and recommendations, not only to find the right designer but to have a better understanding on how you can help the designer make your dreams a reality:


Only Walt Disney created the perfect word to make a dream come true, and that is “Imagineering.” If the client has an idea of what their oasis will be, then, it is our job to provide a way to make it happen.


Prospective clients have the tools to check online for websites, information, forums, and all other types of sources. Don’t let the massive amount of information available get you overwhelmed, sometimes if you have too much information it can make it more difficult to decide what you do and don’t want on your pool.  Other information a client, and a salesperson must have, is building permits, licenses and other procedures required to build a swimming pool in your residence.


As qualified professionals, making a customer’s dream come true is the primary goal. That is why we follow work ethics established by the swimming pool industry in providing credentials and recommendations.

No matter what, it is a must for our designers to visit your home and check the premises.  This gives our designers an opportunity to review the land and measure the area.  In that way, it provides us with an idea to give the best advice in design and the equipment best suited for a customer’s specific needs.

Two More Essential Traits Are:

  • Trust – Mutual trust makes everything flow, and when a situation arises, it can be easily solved.
  • Checking In – It’s not unusual for a designer to check on how the building process is going. We encourage our customers to ask any questions regarding their pools throughout the entire process from the very beginning initial meetings to the completed pool.  When there is trust, results are more satisfactory.

Once your oasis is ready, we provide you with a “Pool School” so you can better understand your swimming pool and how to help make it low-maintenance.  Lastly, make sure to save all equipment documents including guarantees and manuals.  Most of all, enjoy and create memories with your new swimming pool.

Get ready to convert your backyard from ordinary to extraordinary with Platinum Pools.  Call us at 281.870.1600 (Houston), 409.898.4995 (Beaumont), or 361.576.0183 (Victoria), and let us turn your backyard into an at-home resort.