Pool Thanksgiving Dinner

Enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner by the Pool

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Since the Pandemic in 2020, Thanksgiving is now taking a different turn.  Many will travel to spend the long weekend with loved ones, with some restrictions lifted, while others stay close to home.  Anyway, if you have a swimming pool, then why not start a new Thanksgiving tradition?  If you want to avoid the travel or not to slave in the kitchen, then a new Thanksgiving tradition might be idyllic.  There is no better way than to spend Thanksgiving by the pool.

Start a new Thanksgiving Tradition

Do you live in an area where the pool is still open? Sure, you can maintain a pool tradition, but we think you’ll thank us if you enjoy the spa on Thanksgiving Day.   Invest in a towel warmer, or place some in the dryer to warm them up before using.  Better yet, luxurious bathrobes that are soft and thick are great to use after a spa session.

Thanksgiving Decorations

There is nothing that brings them closer than a great home-cooked meal. And it is the holiday that kicks off the Christmas season.  

It is also the time to decorate. If your swimming pool is still open, there is a possibility that you have a heater. Then, take advantage of the outdoors to celebrate a memorable holiday. The decorations also play an essential role in creating the ambiance you want.

Here are some ideas that can make your Thanksgiving memorable:

  • Plastic Pom-Poms

Use inexpensive plastic tablecloths and have the kids create Pom-Poms for decorating the pool. Just fold them cross-cornered, tie them with a string, and cut them with patterned scissors. At the end of the pom-pom, glue it into a base that will let it float in the swimming pool.

  • Paper Lanterns

Your kids will enjoy making these beautiful paper lanterns. Just get poster paper, string, and battery-operated candles, available all at your local pharmacy. It creates a great time to share with the whole family.

  • Mini Golden Pumpkins

There is a trend going on for tinting pumpkins. If you’re looking for a more elegant, sophisticated look, consider a centerpiece with mini golden pumpkins… it’s not just for Halloween anymore!

  • Thanksgiving Garlands

Garlands always help decorate the room for any occasion, and with this lovely array of fall colors, it goes excellent outdoors. These can be hung on the fence or just over the swimming pool for a great afternoon detail.

  • Thanksgiving Lights

Whether they are floating lights or LED string lights, the tones are what will make them memorable. When you use the right color for the occasion will make your swimming pool look more attractive. Ensure that when installing your lights, it mixes with the scenery. It will provide a great accent to the pool and the surrounding areas.


There’s no special music for Thanksgiving. So, you can either turn on Christmas carols or just put on your favorite classics or even your favorite dance songs — the choice is yours!

Start Cooking the day Before Thanksgiving

Bake pies the day before Thanksgiving.  It is also good to have all the supplies and ingredients to prepare the meal.   If cooking on the same day, remember that most side dishes go in the oven.  So, coordinate which ones take longer to cook and do those first.


The turkey is center stage, of course.  But make a variation of the side dishes this year.  For example, rice pilaf with mushroom gravy is daring but delicious.  Have some appetizers like prosciutto and manchego cheese; they are light and go well with wine or sangria.  Create a Land of Desserts with our favorites like pumpkin, apple, and pecan pies.  Add coffee with hazelnut cream or a dollop of whipped cream is ideal for those who travel back by car after a hefty meal.

We hope that your Thanksgiving goes well. Most of all, continue staying safe.

From our Platinum Family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!