Pool Thanksgiving Dinner

Enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner by the Pool

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It is the day that everyone waits and plans for; Thanksgiving.  If anyone has ideas to celebrate Thanksgiving dinner by the pool this year, let us provide some tips to make it a memorable one.

Keep it With Small Groups this Year

The pandemic is not over, so you may want to celebrate Thanksgiving with a smaller group this year or have a Zoomsgiving.  Send an invitation via text, email, or call.


The turkey is center stage.  There are also the side dishes that make the dinner fabulous. Be daring to try something different like a mushroom gravy or serve rice pilaf instead of the mashed potatoes. Since it is by the pool, it always helps to have appetizers with a great sangria or probably some wine for that prosciutto and manchego cheese. And don’t forget the dessert; pumpkin, apple, and pecan pies rule dessertland, accompanied with a great cup of coffee with hazelnut cream or a dollop of whipped cream, can go a long way.

Thanksgiving Food Shopping

Make a list of all the ingredients you need.  That means going through the pantry, making an inventory, and then making a detailed list.  Purchase the perishable items the day before Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Decorations

A celebration is not complete without decorations.  We invite you to read our blog Thanksgiving Decorations by the pool and find out more about decorating à la Thanksgiving by the pool.

Start Cooking the day Before Thanksgiving

Bake pies the day before Thanksgiving.  It is also good to have all the supplies and ingredients to prepare the meal.   If cooking on the same day, remember that most side dishes go in the oven.  So, coordinate which ones take longer to cook and do those first.

Set the Table

Set up chairs, silverware, cutlery and cover it with a plastic tablecloth so that any dust will not fall into a decorated table.


There are fall bouquets that provide that autumn touch.

Clean the House

Keep the house clean and tidy.  If time is limited, a family member can help or hire a cleaning service to do the job.

Get the pool floats ready!  Prepare wicker baskets and fill them with towels, bottled water, goggles, and other pool accessories.

Bring the Family to admire the turkey and trimmings.  After giving thanks, ask everyone to take a seat and have someone to carve the bird. Or better yet, set it buffet style; it goes great with the swimming pool.  Enjoy the meal!

The Platinum Pools’ Family wishes all a safe and healthy Thanksgiving.