Freeform Pool Shape

Freeform or Geometric? – Know the Facts

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When designing a swimming pool, the choices are many, like materials, colors, and pool shapes.  The first step in designing a swimming pool is in selecting a shape. There are many available, but if a homeowner has no idea which shape is suitable for their backyard, we can help you by studying two options; geometric and freeform. 

Many refer to a geometric swimming pool as rectangular or square, while a freeform swimming pool has a natural-looking design and exhibits more curved lines. Which is more fitting in a homeowner’s backyard will depend on many factors exposed later in our blog. 

Geometric Swimming Pools 

If a homeowner is looking for a symmetrical or more modern look, then a geometric design is best. It is a popular choice for custom pools. Geometric-shaped pools are always in style, and the layouts can range from simple to detailed and intricate. It is multifunctional and goes well for different lifestyles and activities.

Geometric Benefits: 

  • More suited for activities like swimming laps 
  • Perfect for incorporating a vanishing edge
  • Compliments many homes’ architecture 
  • Can easily add symmetrically layered entryways

Freeform Swimming Pools 

Many homeowners nowadays are choosing freeform shapes to customize their backyards. Many are now looking for a natural, relaxed and unique look. What’s neat about freeform pools is building into any shape or size. Many people with a largely-sized backyard can enjoy freeform swimming pools to the max. The freeform pool design, being extremely customizable, will complement any house structure or landscape design.

Freeform Benefits:

Great for casual swimming or family fun, the freeform pool has other benefits such as: 

  • Fitting for small spaces 
  • Customizing options
  • Natural appearance
  • Better suited for blocked off tanning areas

Considerations When Picking a Design 

Yard size

Geometric pools go great in either small, medium, or big yards. But if you do happen to have a smaller yard, geometric pools usually will help you best utilize the space you have. Geometric swimming pools best complement small backyards. If you have a more oversized backyard, either a geometric or freeform swimming pool is perfect, depending on your preference.


Each homeowner is different, so having an oasis serves many purposes. It can be for exercising, enjoy time with children, or even relaxing. Believe it or not, these activities can affect deciding which pool design to choose. A pool designer can always help with a client’s decision, especially on 


The saying “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” shows that individuals can express their idea of style. Everyone dreams of having the perfect backyard and creating one that fits their taste.

To learn more about these different designs and ask questions to help you make your final decisions, please, don’t hesitate to call us today or visit our website. We are excited to help you make your backyard dreams into reality!