increase in swimming pool demand

The Continuing Demand for Swimming Pools

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As 2021 comes to a close, it seems that health warnings and the pandemic may continue in 2022. Since the announcement from WHO (World Health Organization), many homeowners have begun to look at their living space differently. Since we would all be spending more time than usual at home, many of us began to put more effort into creating a comfortable atmosphere which led to a demand for more pools. We heard some common reasons that a pool was one of the first things many wanted to add to their home.

  • Canceling travel plans made it necessary to install a swimming pool 
  • A community pool would be unsanitary, while a private pool would be safer
  • Many realized they would be bored in quarantine, and a pool would make things more interesting
  • Some buyers foresaw a winter surge and bought a heating system

The high demand for pools continues to lead to long waiting lists. In the summer of 2020, a reputable financial institution stated that clients had to wait a while to get an appointment, and the building would start in 2021. Also, the restrictions in the pool industry made it all slow down. Among these are many working from home and fewer people working on sites. 

On the other hand, many homeowners took their vacation fund and converted it to a home improvement fund. As more people would find themselves at home for a while, the pool would be the ultimate staycation.

Adding New Features

New pool customers choose to purchase additional features they may not have considered before the pandemic. For example, adding in-floor circulation, debris removal, and better lighting for the pool and across the backyard are now a must for new pool owners.

Healthy Lifestyle

Wellness is a trend that continues on the rise due to gyms closing during the pandemic, and pool owners are more aware of healthy activities. Now the gym moves to a home. Finally, the pool owner realizes that a swimming pool has many health benefits

  • Releases stress
  • Provides better sleep
  • Improve family connections
  • Athletes recover faster

Create Family Moments

Family activities are an investment. So do not discard purchasing an in-ground swimming pool. The return is immeasurable, not only for increasing the home’s value but also for the family. After all, family togetherness creates memories. The health and well-being from swimming in pool water or immersing in a spa and the endless entertainment hours are among the most quality of life investments that people could make for their property.

Patience is a Virtue

The high demand for pools continues in 2021, and it may extend through the following year. So, if someone orders an in-ground pool today, the final product will not be ready until 2022. Regardless of what pool or hot tub products people order this year, a pool brings people together in a happy place.

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